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Just Quote’n – Fanny Crosby #1

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! O what a foretaste of glory divine! Heir of salvation, purchase of God. Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

– Fanny Crosby | Blessed Assurance.


Just Quote’n – Andrew Murray #1

The root of all virtue and grace, of all faith and acceptable worship, is that we know that we have nothing but what we receive, and bow in deepest humility to wait upon God for it.

Andrew Murray | Humility

Just Quote’n – Martin Luther #1

“We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone.”

– Martin Luther

Click Pause || and think. Thoughts on Meditation.

In my church, we spent time going through Psalm 119. Which, random fact for you, is the longest segment/chapter in the Bible with 176 verses in it. Most of the verses in that segment deal directly with The Word of God.  It refers to how the Psalmist finds himself meditating on The Word. As I read it I couldn’t help but ask, does meditation have a place in our lives now and what does it look like?

Let’s face it:  we are busy, busy people. There is always somewhere that we need to get to and we are generally rushing there. There is always a deadline for a project that we need to meet, long nights are normal for us. When I am working, and I don’t think I am alone in this one, we always have something playing in the background. Music or videos of some kind are normally playing while we are busy with something else. On top of this, think about when you are just watching something, how often do you pick up your phone and check your social media or reply to messages? Yes, we are busy and distracted people. We call it multi-tasking and we all think we have mastered it, but none of us really know how to single-task anymore and just focus our attention. So, no wonder meditation seems strange to us. Why would anyone slow down when life looks great at a fast pace? We really should learn to understand the benefits of meditation.

Allow me to define meditation briefly. Firstly, what is Christian meditation? This will help us understand what it is not by comparison.

When I speak about mediation as a Christian I am talking about thinking about the Lord and His promises. Meditation is about focusing and dwelling our thoughts upon one topic and not allowing distraction to take our attention away. A common phrase used is ‘quiet time’ or ‘devotionals’.  The way these are simply explained is that time in the day when you read your bible and pray. Well, meditation would be the portion in between your reading and your prayer. It is the time when you bring your thoughts under control and direct your mind into conscious thought about the Lord and His Word.

It is about taking the time to leverage the spiritual life God has given us to enjoy the relationship we can have with Him. Cheesy statement? Maybe. But for real, how often do we take it for granted? We give time to our earthly relationships, but barely spend time considering our God. There is so much to think about and read and pray about! Meditation is the biblical application of the truth in God’s Word as we read it, consider it and then pray about it.

Meditation involves reading His Word intentionally and it involves prayer. It is filling our mind and thinking about the Lord not emptying our minds as other methods try to do.

Here is where we talk about what meditation is not. Many other religions have practises of meditation. Much of the meditation methods you will see around you are influenced by Eastern religion. Simply said the focus of these methods is to discover ‘inner peace’. It is about letting go of our worries and emptying our minds of the busyness. Sometimes this involves chants, sometimes it involves breathing techniques and sometimes, incense. But mainly the difference here is that this focus is on emptying yourself of stress. Whereas Christian meditation is not focused on emptying or on yourself but primarily on the Lord and His word (and how He can fill us up). David Mathis from Desiring God says it like this;

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Just Quote’n – Zander V #1

Our problem is that we see God as small and people or problems as big. It is completely the other way around.

– Zander

Musical Monday #46 – What Child is This (Elle Zamudio)

Tis the season for some good ole Christmas music, but with a twist 🙂

Create Something December 2017

Every month I try to write a story using words or phrases submitted to me by others. You can submit some to me by using my twitter @OdlyOtter and the hashtag #createsomething below is this month’s submission and story. If you made a suggestion, thank you, you should get a high five.


It was another great summers day on a Saturday. I had woken up the smell of bacon and eggs wafting through the house that my mother had made for breakfast. I had just finished my second helping when a heard the sound of a two-stroke engine getting louder as it approached the house; “Thank you for breakfast mom, I can hear Phillip coming up the road he is here to fetch me so I gotta go.”

“Oh, is he driving that thing again? Where are you going to go? I hope it is not far away?” She asked with some nervousness in her voice.

“I have a helmet mother dear and we aren’t going far. Just to meet up with some drug dealers and get tattoos.” I said as I laced up my shoes and picked up my helmet.

“No need for the snarky answer Mr. I am just concerned that is all. Say do you need me to pack anything for you? Then you can have a picnic for lunch later if you like.” Without waiting for me to answer she had already put some items into my bag for me to take with.

“We are just going to meet up with the rest of the group at our clubhouse and probably spend time there and swimming. So snacks are helpful. I don’t want to make Phillip wait so I am going to go now.” I took my bag as she was packing a packet of gumdrops into it and hugged her. “I promise to not meet up with any drug dealers while I am out. Bye, mom.” I began to walk towards the door.

“Do you have swimming apparel with you then if you plan to swim? You said no drug dealers, but what about the tattoo thing?”

I opened the door and put my helmet on as I responded. “Swimming stuff is also in the bag and I am not making any promises about the tattoo thing. See you later.” I closed the door behind me and ran up to Phillip who was waiting for me. “Alright, Mr. Potato head let’s get this show on the road, sorry for making you wait. Mom wanted to give me some food for later.”

I loved the feeling of the summer sun on my face as we sped through the neighborhood towards the dam. Mrs. Dorna’s dog, as always, chased us down the street barking and snarling at us, the poor thing was so old, it could never keep up for very long. We rounded the corner and the lake was now in sight. We were now just 4 minutes away from the clubhouse. Pitching money together to rent that spot for the summer was one of my better ideas. I had a place right by the lake which had a fridge and air-con but best of all a place to hang out with my friends. All summer long.

As we approached the door of the clubhouse we could see two bicycles outside and hear muffled voices inside, obviously, we were not the first to arrive. I walked inside and greeted Greg and Barry who were sitting on the bean bags. “Alright there champs, you guys are here early.” I walked towards the fridge to pack the things from my bag inside.

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Just Quote’n – Thomas Watson #1

“The reason we come away so cold from reading the word is, because we do not warm ourselves at the fires of meditation.”

– Thomas Watson

Take time to think about what you read and pray about it. Don’t rush to the next activity. Let it sink in.

Musical Monday #45 – Call It Grace (Unspoken)

This is a reminder of one simple truth we must remind ourselves of regularly. We are trophies of grace. No matter the chaos flying around me this song just reminds me of this one simple thing. I have received the grace of God. That is comforting. Enjoy.

Create Something November 2017

Every month I try to write a story using words or phrases submitted to me by others. You can submit some to me by using my twitter @OdlyOtter and the hashtag #createsomething below is this month’s submission and story. If you made a suggestion, thank you, you should get a high five. This one is also slightly inspired by the novel Ready player 1.

“Borderlands hardly deserves an accolade for being a good game.”

“You are crazy Kobold, the Borderlands series had some of the best visuals in a game I have ever seen!” He said as he crunched another cashew in his mouth.

“Waaa – dude are you eating nuts again? You know I can hear that right in my ear! Can you at least mute your mic while you chew? Anyway, I just didn’t enjoy the game, sure the visuals were well done but there is more to a game than that. Alan Wake was a much better game, it is as simple as that Skunk.”

Skunk stifled a laugh, He knew that eating the cashews irritated Kobold. He did it purely to get a reaction from him but he tried to feign an apology to keep up the pretense. “Oh, I’m sorry I forget how sensitive the mic can be. I tell you what instead of arguing over games why don’t we play something together?”

“Ok sure, anything but Tensile tough, I am sick of those stupid puzzles.”

“Hmmm how about Turbulent? We can try that mission we were stuck on.”

“Nah man, you keep crashing in that game. I almost feel like it is on purpose. I don’t want to play a simulation anyway.”

He was crashing on purpose just for Kobold’s reaction. “Um, how about sawbones?”

Kobold sighed. “Is it really hard to choose a game? I don’t have that one you know that.”

“Oh yes, sorry. Ok how about Psychomancy I see Raindrop is online it could be a part of three?”

“Arg! Not Raindrop he and I have had a bad fallout since he stabbed me in the back in our last game. He is such a guisard! We teamed up all the whole game but as soon as another player offered him a higher reward he turned around and shot me. I just can’t trust him.” Read more…

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