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The Purpose Of This Blog

Some of you may be wondering how this blog came to be, what the reason behind starting it was. Well we will tell you..The purpose of the blog is to:

1. Glorify God

It is out primary objective to use this blog in a manner in which we glorify God as well as cause others to glorify Him. It is our desire for Him to be worshiped and for His name to be lifted high among the nations.

2. Stimulate Godly thoughts and action

The purpose of this blog is to encourage people to think about there lives in light of eternity. To take faith and apply it to all there lives and actions. We believe Christianity to be more than just a block you tick on form or something you do on Sundays or maybe on Easter and Christmas but something that goes beyond Sunday into the rest of your week.

We desire to stimulate godly thoughts in our readers, it is important for us to be thinkers, deep thinkers, for us to look at the world through a biblical filter.

Not only do we want to encourage thought but we want this thought to manifest in action. To know the truth and not allow it to influence the way we do things is tragic so we  desire to encourage people to be action.

3. Be an encouragement
We also intend to with this blog be an encouragement to those who need it and to be spiritually edifying. We hope this blog will be of spiritual edification to our readers, helping them grow more and more in the faith.

Those our main reasons for blogging…May God bless us in our endeavor.


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