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Recommended Sites Lists Take 2

Some new sites have been added to the recommended list, I encourage you to look at them, I hope you find them useful.

The first to be added this time round is Desiring God.

Yes you may have heard of this one, Its full of John Piper stuff, sermons, video’s, books, articles and so on. The best part is its all free to download and there is a lot of it so browse around and enjoy.

Next up is Kids In Mind.

This is a secular site that we find helpful when considering what movie to watch. They provide a synopsis of movies as well as provide information on the content such as the amount of violence and language, if you want to be more careful in what you watch, this site will help you decide.

More? Ok. This site is called Abort73.

This site is set up for the purpose of tackling the issue of abortion. If you have questions or objections or are just interested to learn more this site will help you see things from the pro life argument.

Sermon Jams.

Sermon Jams are excerpts of sermons put to a beat, sounds strange but once you have listened to some you will appreciate it. Browse this site and you will find videos and other items.

Relevant Revolution.

This is also sermon jams site, sermons with beats behind it. There is a lot on this site. Under the ‘other audio’ link there are other albums or various genres that you can download for free.

The next site is to Ravi Zacharias Just Thinking sermons.

If you have never heard of him, I think he is worth listening to. He can use big words sometimes but We really enjoy him so we thought we would share him.

Lastly, Ravi Zacharias Let My People Think sermons.

Same goes for this one as above.

P.S The reason Ravi has two links is cause its for to different radio programs. Let us know what you think of these site 🙂

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