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Just Quote’n (Chanski)

As you may see below this post this is the second use of the title of “Just Quote’n”. These quotes are designed just to share a snippet of something I have read somewhere else and want others to be able to see. Some will be long some will be short, some I will give context to some I wont…You never know! Just read, think and enjoy 😉

“I have not been assigned to stare out my bedroom, living room, office window, passivlely daydreaming about what I might do, if only there weren’t so many obstacles. Rather I am to get there, so help me God, and plan it, clear it, and do it, with all my might, to the glory of God….Life is short. Opportunities are many. What we do, we must do aggressively and quickly.”

– Mark Chanski in Manly Dominion in a passive-purple four ball world.

P.S More on a similar topic to come soon.


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