Life. In Light Of Eternity.

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Dying to Live

I believe in God the Father; self-existent and eternal; infinite in all His ways, without height and without width and without depth; creator and ruler; transcendent, yet imminent; terrifying, yet lovely; slow to anger and rich in mercy; rightful judge of all the earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God; fully God and by his incarnation, fully man; the last Adam; crucified, dead and buried for the sins of his people; risen bodily from the dead for the hope and future glory of his people and all creation; ascended to the Father’s side to make intercession for his people; coming back to defeat all enemies, the last being death.

I believe in God the Holy Spirit; eternal and personal; writer of the Scriptures; the one who convicts of sin; regenerator of hearts; the one who sanctifies his people; seal and guarantee of all the riches of…

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