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Feeling Sonder at lunch time.

I looked around me at lunch time. It was busy. People bustling to and fro from the microwave trying to warm up their food. Their stomachs telling them to “hurry up!” Barely any space to get your food ready before sitting down…barely any space to sit down for that matter. My gaze looking at the people sitting down, some talking about a book they read recently. Most however are staring at the little screens in their hands, scrolling, looking at the world out there. Some smiling at what they see. Others frowning at the screen. All of these people so disconnected from each other, sitting at the same table but not talking, staring at their lives on their screens. All these people have their own back stories that I will never know.

Driving home after work I drive passed many people on the side of the road. Looking at them I see them all once again lost in their own worlds. All these people walking with purpose, a purpose I do not know but I am somewhat curious about. There are so many people around me living their own lives, with their own troubles and sorrows and joys. My gaze falls upon a man with a scruffy beard and dirty clothes on, parts of the clothes are torn. He is asking for money. I thought to myself, how does a man end up like that? What is his story?

It was a Sonder moment;

Among all of this I was reminded. Christ knows all these stories. He knows the number of hairs on each persons head. Best of all he knows whose are His people and who is not. I may not know all the stories of the people around me but this one thing I know for sure I belong to Jesus. Do you?


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