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Symptoms of Zombies

Braaainnss…If there is any fictional character that I would call my favorite it would most likely be Zombies. Why is that? I don’t know, they are cool I guess. There is the traditional zombie. Slow, not very smart, wants to eat your brains and typically found in large groups. Then there is slightly smart ones (they can open doors and climb…eek), ones that have crazy strength and some that are very fast. They are found in games, movies and various forms of literature.  Basically if you want something with a zombie theme you could probably find it, to such an extent that a friend of mine is waiting for a big sticker for his car to be delivered that says “Zombie Response Vehicle” (how cool is that?). While we are all most likely briefed in Zombie survival 101 thanks to the media I do think we need to talk about the type of zombies that do exist and the symptoms used to spot them. No I am not crazy! Allow me to explain how we as people can resemble zombies in our lives. Read on.

So lets look at two main components that make up the character of a zombie. First they are not very smart. A zombie doesn’t use their brain. Their ability to think clearly or logically is none existent. Zombies don’t have deep meaningful conversations with each other, just grunts.They have brains yes. But they do not use them. They do not read. They don’t try and expand their knowledge. Put simply they do not think actively. They are happy with low level, non-engaging usages of their minds. They exhibit a heard-like mentality. When it comes to activity they follow the reset of the zombies in the direction they all seem to be going, never grunting (thinking) why just following the group.

Secondly zombies are purely consumers, to the point of addiction. All zombies want one thing, flesh. They all just want to sink their teeth into people. Once they have eaten one person it is on the next one and the next one.  They don’t stop. They are never satisfied with what they have had they want more and more. They don’t stop to do anything that would be productive. The always consume, constantly feeding a endless hunger. Zombie’s don’t do anything that is constructive all they do is constantly feed their desire.

Do you see where I am going with this yet? If we measure people around us by these two components, many people exhibit the symptoms of Zombie’s and could be called Zombies. These “zombies” have all been infected by the same deadly sickness, entertainment. Entertainment in all types of forms, music, YouTube, movies, tv series the list goes on, is designed to do one thing, keep us watching and consuming. Relating this to our first component, or symptom this does turn us into zombies as we so easily disengage our minds for the sake of being sucked into another world via a screen. A mind that is constantly being entertained is a brain that never gets to think. If this becomes our default then when the time comes for us to engage our minds we will have to do so with much effort. Deep meaningful conversations have been replaced with quick text’s or hanging out in front of the tv. Reading (good) books or trying to expand our knowledge has become more and more of an effort than a enjoyable pastime. Thinking actively for oneself has been replaced with the alternative of being spoon fed by the entertainment world. They tell us what is the latest trend we should be a part of or what to like and not like and our disengaged minds follow along.

Kate LethAs I have alluded to already,  ‘entertainment zombies’ are much like normal zombies in their cravings. While it may not be flesh they are after they do want one thing in much the same way and that is entertainment. Entertainment zombies just want to sink their teeth in their next ‘fix’. This is best illustrated with YouTube. Watch one video on YouTube and soon you are looking at another…and another. It is always the next video or movie or episode ect. Much like a normal zombie that doesn’t stop eating and is always on to the next person a entertainment zombie is always after ‘just one more’ thing to stare at. They don’t stop. Consuming more and more forms of entertainment. This soon saps away their time from things that would be productive to their lives or for society. A slave to their own endless hunger they consume and consume as their time and lives waste away before a screen. Never satisfied. Never having really lived.

So what is my point? My point is that while zombies are pretty cool in the world of fiction. When it comes to real life and you spot entertainment zombies they are not a pleasant sight. An entertainment zombie is wasting their life away with their eyes glued to some sort of screen. They may begin to procrastinate things that they should be doing for the sake of staring at just one more video or playing just one more game (I can be guilty of this one). In the end that means that they are not productive. Having our eyes staring at the latest thing on screen is not really living in my opinion, life has a lot more to offer than just what can be seen on screen. Now I am not saying that entertainment is a evil that we should banish from our lives completely. I am simply suggesting that it might be something we can cut down on and do something that is good for us. Use the time to think or try be productive. Instead of soaking up some entertainment, soak up things that will be of spiritual benefit to you. Skip a episode of something and read your bible. Read a book or listen to a sermon, there are tons of resources linked on this blog that can help you deepen your relationship with the Lord. Life after death is not being a zombie, that would be horrible, life after death is about being with the Lord of Lords, invest in that relationship now while you still have breath.

Are you an entertainment zombie and you didn’t even know it? I would like you to be able to identify these symptoms of zombies and see if you can spot a entertainment zombie or diagnose yourself. Are there other symptoms that you can think of? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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3 thoughts on “Symptoms of Zombies

  1. Well the most obvious is the Cellphone Zombie and the “Listening to music” Zombie. Sad when you see a family at a restaurant but the son is playing games on his phone and the daughter listening to music or texting.

    I know I’m a “one more game” zombie. So bad 😦

  2. Love the zombie post! I’m kind of a fanatic myself. Can’t seem to get enough of creepy walkers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hahaha! I love this!! Very smart and very true 🙂

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