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Just Quote’n (Piper) #3

The below quote is from John Piper’s ‘Think’  book’

We may say then that a fundamental difference between divine wisdom and human wisdom is that God’s wisdom exalts what the cross stand for and human wisdom is offended by what the cross stands for. What does it stand for? The cross stand for the ungodliness and helplessness of man (Rom. 5:6), the undeserved grace of God (Rom.. 3:24), and the unimpeachable justice of God (Rom. 3:25-26). In other words, what offends human wisdom about the cross is that it humbles man and exalts the  unearnable grace of God. It makes humans look dependent and helpless -like little children- and makes God look all-sufficient and all-providing and absolutely free in giving salvation to sinners.

-John Piper


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