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Damaged goods

This has been published as an Accepted DPchallenge post.

Blergh! Leftovers again. How many of us have realized that we are going to be eating leftovers and pulled a face at it. “What? Last nights supper for lunch, Ahh, no man!” We are a fussy people, what was acceptable at first is not good enough the second time round. Leftovers are gross. Last nights supper as today’s lunch is not appealing. Second hand items are looked down on, we want things brand new. Damaged goods are worth less. We place value to things on how clean and pure they are. Sadly, we allow this to be true even of ourselves. Truth is we are all damaged goods. We are what is leftover from the battles we have faced, the trials we have gone through. The regret we carry and because of this we view ourselves in the same way we view gross left overs and second hand items. Not as valuable as the cleaner and better condition people out there. When I thought of this my mind recalled the lyrics to a song.

These lyrics are from a secular artist by the name of Watsky. He is not a clean rapper. So if you happen to find him on youtube, be warned, there will be language. I lifted these lyrics from a song he has called sloppy seconds. The theme of the song deals with the fact that we all have baggage but that doesn’t make us worth less. Read below;

Show me someone who says they got no baggage
I’ll show you somebody whose got no story
Nothing gory means no glory, but baby please don’t bore me
We won’t know until we get there
The who, or the what, or the when where
My favourite sweater was a present that I got a couple presidents ago
And I promised that I would rock it till it’s thread bare
Bet on it
Every single person got a couple skeletons
So pretty soon, in this room
It’ll just be me and you when we clear out all the elephants
Me and you and the elements

Cold pizza, tye dye shirts
Broken hearts
Give em here Give em here
Hand me downs
Give me Give me
Left overs
Give me Give me
Sloppy seconds
Give em here Give em here
I don’t care where you been.
How many miles. I still love you

The lyrics, while from a secular source remind me of grace and second chances. We are all a little damaged, little messed up. We all have regrets that bring shame to us and this shame makes us feel unworthy. Of others and of God. Why would someone want me or even like me since I am so messed up? How could I even approach a Holy God in this state. Surely God see’s me as damaged goods and is disgusted. There is no way I could approach Him with my shame. Well we can, because of Christ and the cross. The Lord is a forgiving God that will accept us despite our past if we cling to what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross for us so we can be washed of its consequences. Yes we are a mess, but if we choose to turn away from the things that made us that way and come asking for forgiveness there is nothing so damaged that the Lord would not grant grace to. Remember that when you feel rejected and unworthy. Remember as well that no one knows how to help others better than someone who’s been truly, deeply hurt and has lived the life that others can’t imagine. You are not just damaged goods, you are trained by experience to help others. I may be damaged but I am refurbished and ready for service.

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6 thoughts on “Damaged goods

  1. I love your post. So insightful and true. We are all damaged goods in need of the Master’s touch to make us into a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That’s good Tyrosha! Refurbished and ready!

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  4. Selaysha on said:

    Love this post!

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