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Refuse to let the dust settle

This has been published as an Accepted DPchallenge post.


Oh the sweet Irony! So this challenge is to help us get the dust off things we haven’t touched in a long time. So I thought; ‘”This is it, I can use this as a chance to finally start writing more and publish one of the many many drafts I have saved! Maybe I can do some work on Auburn since it has been delayed” (It is still coming  for those of you who follow the story, we are just exploring the Idea of releasing it in a fully compiled ebook). But instead of doing that, I started another draft, wrote some thoughts down for that and saved it. Creating something else that will collect some dust before it finally ends up getting published. So then I started looking around for other things that need to be published, things that need to have the dust cleared off of them and my eyes fell upon my guitar sitting on my newly acquired stand. I can’t say I actually PLAY guitar it’s more like I OWN a guitar. I started to learn years ago but could never stick to a routine to learn. So I bought a stand and thought that having it right next to me in my study would make me want to play it more. I took it out its case, restrung it, played a few notes and realized it needs tuning and returned it to its case. It hasn’t come out since. Collecting some more dust. Why is that?

Am I lazy? Maybe. Am I to busy? Perhaps. Why is it that we hold on to things we don’t use or don’t return to our dreams after some time? Sentimentality? I once dreamed of jamming my geet like a rockstar! Shredding like crazy! But now, now there is just a few chords I used to know (pun intended). I know I wont be able to play like some of the legends out there and maybe that holds me back. I don’t want to disappoint myself. I think that is what holds me back from finishing those drafts. I have high hopes for those writings! I want them to inspire others! I want them to move, motivate and impact others in some way. As I go back to them to write more I think, is this going to be any good. will someone like this, or am I just wasting my time? That’s how I felt as I started this post. Yes sure I am a little lazy, its cold right now and I would love to just be warm in my bed. Yeah I am busy, things will always come and steal my time if I let them. So should I surrender to this? Should I let it stop me and just let the dust settle on my guitar and writing?

NO! The things we love, the things that actually mean something are things we shouldn’t let slip away or gather dust. We must cultivate a love and passion for these things and make them a priority. I know that there are many reasons we can come up with as to why we have let the dust settle but if we live hiding behind excuses we are just letting life happen to us and not living life. The challenge is to stop with excuses and come up with solutions. Constantly check our priorities. Being cold is worth writing for me, warmth will come later. We will always be busy (or distracted) unless we make the time to do the things that matter. I have used my guitar as an example above but this applies to the truly important things such as devotions. Is the dust settling on your bible until Sunday? Do you need to clear the cobwebs out of your prayer life? I will only be able to play guitar or write things that inspire others if I don’t let the dust settle and invest time into them. Likewise, only if I read my bible and pray will I grow in the faith. So…I refuse to let the dust settle on the things that matter! What about you?

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5 thoughts on “Refuse to let the dust settle

  1. Dust makes me sneeze which means even the natural response to laziness is repulsive. Thanks for the encouragement. I think that next time I sneeze, I will see it as a reminder to continue or resume doing those things that matter most.

  2. I’m glad this could encourage you. We all need to be reminded that letting dust collect and life happen to us is to live passively. If we are to do any good, to bring God any glory this side of heaven we need to be active, not passive.

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