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29 brief memories

From ohgizmo

The below is a list of memories as they came to mind from the earliest to the latest. I asked myself to remember these because of this week’s challenge. So…Do you remember back in the day?

  1. Yes, I remember when I had my first fight. I had the wind knocked out of me.
  2. I remember when I got caught stealing. The shame and keen sense of sin I felt.
  3. I remember how I got that deep scar on my leg. Darn you gravity.
  4. I remember my first day in high school where I was picked on by the senior students. I was forced to ride a model motor bike and make noises.
  5. I remember attending Youth Group for the first time. I have so many fond memories of that place.
  6. I remember being mugged at gunpoint on the way to a friend’s place.
  7. I remember meeting HER for the first time. I had no idea what the future held.
  8. I remember slowly becoming more and more convinced about my need for Christ.
  9. I remember failing speeches because I was just too scared to speak in public. True story, more than once.
  10. I remember realizing that the Lord was calling me into His service.
  11. I remember breaking up. My fault. I was sad.
  12. I remember getting back together. I was happy.
  13. I remember being mugged. AGAIN!
  14. I remember preaching my first sermon. I was scared, but passionate.
  15. I remember the church split. That was painful.
  16. I remember finally moving churches. That was worse.
  17. I remember the night my sister died. That was the worst.
  18. I remember breaking up…again.
  19. I remember when I started working.
  20. I remember asking HER dad if I could marry HER. My heart raced.
  21. I remember HER taking me back and saying YES! That made me happy.
  22. I remember scratching two new cars at work. That made me worry.
  23. I remember how they told me not to worry about it.
  24. I remember my wedding day. She was (and still is) beautiful.
  25. I remember when the builder ran away with our money. Gah!
  26. I remember finally moving into our own place. Freedom!
  27. I remember the stress filled days at work. It was bad. Seriously.
  28. I remember almost leaving the company but then the other job position was taken.
  29. I remember the day my current boss asked me to move to his department. Great opportunity.

I remember back in the day. The good and the bad, God used all these things above to make me the person I am today. He isn’t done with me, he is still using events to transform me for a purpose (Romans 8:28-39). I look forward to making more memories.

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11 thoughts on “29 brief memories

  1. 30. I remember someone like this post 🙂 😛 this is an awesome post!!

  2. Ah wow, this is such a great post, T! And even cooler coz I remember some of those memories too… especially YG, and the mugging (where you were brave enough to ask for your SIM card back!) And the church stuff and the break up stuff… wow, what paths the Lord has led you guys on 🙂

  3. I love this post for the challenge. Tons of memories and more to come. Hope you win.

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  6. Selaysha on said:

    Brought tears to my eyes 😉 Its so encouraging to see how the Lord has worked in your life!

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