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SnapPost #5 – Christians are like shot glasses

2014-11-09 19.50.32I snapped the picture on Sunday night because as I held it after our service at church I was struck with a strange thought; Christians are like shot glasses.

A shot glass is made for one purpose. To take shots with, if you think about the typical scene you would find a shot glass in you would think a party. Lots of drinking and abuse of alcohol. Lets face it a shot glass isn’t used as a small taste or during a quite night with friends. Shot glasses are normally used for one shot..two shot…three shot…floor. Shot glasses have bad rep. BUT not this shot glass. The one above is used in a church during the Lord’ s supper. Instead of being used in a bar to get people drunk or at a party to encourage regrettable decision making this little guy is found in a church and is used to remember Christ. This shot glass has a greater purpose in life, having been bought for a much more honorable cause. No longer destined to a life of shamefull acts, this glass is used for acts to honor God.

This is how Christians are like shot glasses. Just like a shot glass a christian has been bought/ redeemed from a bad lifestyle and poor rep and can be used for good and honorable purposes. To the glory of God. Once all we could do was be involved in sin, but we have been bought by Christ blood and now are involved in giving honor to God. Thank God for rescuing us from our evil state.

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