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Chocolates VS. Love

Love is in the air or is that just chocolate? *sniff* Mmmmm chocolate.  Yes today is the day that florists and chocolate companies look forward to. The day of red and white, of heart shaped items and teddy bears that ‘wuv you’.

The day of love. Valentines day. A highly emotional day for most people. The single ones amongst us are feeling lonely as they are reminded of their singleness or they hate the day and try to embrace their singleness in opposition of the day. Here in my corner of the world there are two big radio stations that have jumped on the “its ok to be single / lets party cause we are single” bandwagon and are hosting parties on 14 Feb aimed at the singles. The names these parities go by are ‘Love Sucks’ and ‘Sexy Singles Party; and just by the names you can tell that those parties are not designed to celebrate love, at the very most they are designed to celebrate lust. Now since it is supposed to be the day of love, allow me to briefly remind you what we are supposed to be celebrating.


According to legend St. Valentine (valentines day gets its name from him) was a priest that married people during a time when a ban to do so was in effect. Yes some say that this is a urban legend because no evidence of such a ban existing can be pointed to but the emphasis still remains as the legend carried through time. True or not we can admire a man who recognized love and marriage as important in a society where such things didn’t matter. That sounds like our generation doesn’t it? Valentines day is about LOVE and not LUST. It is about commitment not just convenience. The following verse comes to mind;

Hebrews 13:4

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

Today is a time where we should really be holding marriage in high regard as the expression of love and commitment that it is. It is not about looking for someone to call your valentine because ‘I simply can’t be single on valentines day’. It’s not a time to be miserable because your single. It is not about warm fuzzy feelings, hearts, flowers or stuffed teddies. It is about love. It’s about being grateful for the gift of marriage. It is about expressing real, heartfelt, I-choose-you-even-when-you-hurt-my-feelings-and-act-like-a-jerk LOVE. Sure you may be single and there are couples all over the place! But you have friends and family that you love, tell them!

My challenge to you dear readers is to take back valentines day from the shallow meaning it has now. Take time to reflect on the beauty of love and being able to have a deep connection with loved ones rather than swapping chocolates with a brief I love you thrown in somewhere. As a bonus, here is a story by a good friend that is set on Valentines day.


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