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Ke!th: The Story of a Hero #4

The ! mark

Note: This story is directly related to this one.


Keith felt the punch to his ribs but chose to ignore it. He side stepped the next punch, grabbed the man’s arm and pulled it past him as hard as he could while moving swiftly forward with his knee raised and connecting with his opponents ribs.  “Mmph!, not bad Keith that was pretty quick but you still need to work on your power.”

They squared off again, readying for the next round. “Thanks man. I’m working on the power thing. I just don’t want to hurt you, it is just practise after all.”

“Keith, you think in real life that they are going to go easy on you? You need to learn to go all out otherwise when you’re under pressure you will react like you do are here. Hit me hard, I can take it.”  The whistle blew before they could start again and just like that another Krav lesson was over. Keith was sore but more prepared. Keith rubbed his knuckles to soothe them, they didn’t hurt as much as they used to but Keith had learned that pain could be bypassed with passion. His eyes stared at the exclamation mark on the gloves. He had the symbol put there to remind him of how this all started. It reminded him that evil would prevail unless people chose to fight against it. Keith collected his things and headed to the bus stop to make his way home.

Keith watches the people across the road as they come and go from the club. Loud thumping music can be heard through the open doors. He notices one man in a blue shirt that seems to be spending a lot of time hanging near the exit doors. “Why is that guy just standing there for so long is he waiting for someone?” He thought. He watches the man closely. Keith then see’s the man’s ploy, as people leave he gets close enough to them and grabs their wallet without them noticing. The man is smart, drunk people make easy targets. Keith can’t let this guy get away with this! It was time to put a stop to it. He crosses the street as he watches him take another wallet “Hey you in the blue shirt”

The man looks up in surprise as he puts the stolen wallet in his pocket. “I see what you doing there, that’s not your wallet!” Keith yelled as he walked towards him. With everyone looking at the man and clearly not wanting to to be caught the man runs down the closest ally. Keith chases after him. Over a fence. Around a corner. The man tries knocks over a trashcan in Keith’s way. Keith tries to avoid it but clips his foot and stumbles. Keith recovers, looking around he can’t see the man on the street. Did he lose him? He hears the ‘squeak’ of metal. Looking around he sees a fire escape stairway, he must have gone up there. Keith walks up slowly. At the top of stairs he finds himself on the roof the building, boxes stacked in a corner on his left. Looking to his right the man is not there. Keith lost him; “If only I was faster!” He thought.  He then hears a shuffle of feet and turns left just in time to meet face to face with the man as his fist meets Keith’s jaw. Keith recovers and puts space between them.

“All right dude, you ruined my night outside the club and you have put me behind in my quota for the night. But now you want to chase me like some sort of hero so know it is time I teach you to mind your own business.” The man rolls up his sleeves. There was something familiar about this man Keith thought but the time for conversation was clearly over. It was time to put those Krav classes to the test. The man rushed at him, Keith noticed the stitches in the man’s arms, realising they were fresh he took advantage of this. As the fist flew towards him Keith side stepped and took aim at the stitches.

“GAHH!” The stitches opened up and the blood began to run down the man’s arm. The man was clearly in pain. Keith took the man’s respite as his chance and landed a knee into his ribs and a elbow into his jaw. The man stumbles backwards and coughs. Keith moves forward; “If I have to get the wallets back and take you in by force I will!” Keith didn’t know where the words came from but they just felt right.

The man looked at his arms and back at Keith.”Forget you! I ain’t giving up that easy!” The man ran at him again, Keith dodged and grab the man’s shirt and threw him in such away to cause him to lose balance. As he let go he saw the skylight in the roof that the man was now hurtling towards. There was a great smash and the man was gone. Keith moved towards the hole and looked down but all he could see was boxes and all he could hear was the siren of the alarm ringing.

The police would be there any minute. Wherever that man was down there he will get arrested or put in a body bag. Keith hoped it wasn’t a body bag but whatever it was he knew he couldn’t be get caught on the roof it was time for him to get out of there.


Psst: If you like this story please let me know! You can read more in this series by clicking on this link to get to all I have written so far. Also if you lucky you can see more of this universe by checking out Nthato’s blog. This universe is growing but more on that later…


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