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Can we be honest

I have had this terrible song stuck in my head recently. The song in itself is terrible, the lyrics are crude, thuggish and superficial. The part that is stuck in my head however, is the hook. Funny how the hook is the part that normally gets stuck. That part goes as follows.

“Let’s just be honest, let’s just be real. Let’s just be honest, we all know the deal. So let’s just be honest, let’s just be real.”

That part resonates with me, not because of the way it is sung (Although that is catchy). But because of those words. “Let just be honest, lets jut be real.” I won’t explain all that those words bring to my mind because…well…if I did this would be a very very long post.

But here is what my one basic thought is based on. We live in a world filled with pretense, the pretense that we have everything under control. That we don’t need help. That we are fine. We are strong and independent and we don’t need no man…the phrase goes something like that, right? So what is my one thought? It is this, can we just be honest? Can we just be real? The best kept secret we are keeping from each other is that we DON’T have everything figured out. Most things around us are hazardously balanced between being under control and losing grip. We hurt. We cry. We don’t want to smile and be happy all the time. We even need help sometimes. Be honest and be real with yourself, and with others. If we could just be honest, if we could just be real then maybe we could make progress. We could open up with one another, see what is real and lift one another up or through the things we are struggling with.

Now obviously this all just a step in a good direction. We as men and women can lift ourselves up by our boot-straps. We can have a “lean on me” (there is another song in that phrase) attitude towards each other and if we did…Well that would be great, we would live with less pain and as a whole make good social progress. But that is not enough. Let’s bring this into a Christian perspective. Let’s be saints that are honest. Let us, as Christians, be a people that are real with one another. We stumble, we sin, we doubt, we hurt. So instead of trying to play the game of having it ‘under control’ let’s let this secret of us not being perfect out. Honesty is the best way we will find healing. Confession leads to conquering. Let’s invite others into our ugliness and let us find healing and grace in the body as the Lord intended. Will you be honest? Will you be real?

And for those of you looking for a song about honesty. Where is a funny and clean one. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Can we be honest

  1. Deep.
    That video though xD

  2. Juni Desireé on said:

    Wow, I love those lines too. I crave the real, the honest, the vulnerable.

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