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Blogging 101 – Introductions

Welcome stranger! So, I’ve decided to take part in blogging 101 this February, This blog has been around for awhile but it never hurts to brush up on the basics. The first prompt for blogging 101 is to introduce yourself and the task set before me is, you guessed it, to give a introduction of myself and this blog to those who are discovering it for the first time. Well, fortunately for me I have already created a about me section here as well as a purpose for this blog here. So I got that part of the assignment covered already.

There is more however. I  decided to take the time to read through those original posts that I mentioned above. I then realized that while the goals I mentioned back then still remain true. I still want to use this blog as a place to engage with the culture around us. I still want to bring Christian conduct and thought to a situation and then help us to think of how to live life in light of eternity. I must acknowledge that there is a new goal and feature on this blog that has developed since its inception. That goal is write creatively. If you look around my blog you will find links to some interesting (I think they are at least) stories. My goal is to write, and to grow in my skill of writing stories really. Why? Well simply put I enjoy it and the ideas just randomly pop into my head so I have used this space as a place to share those stories with others. I also have a pretty geeky side, which might manifest itself in a post or two but I haven’t decided on that just yet. So, if you are reading this now I hope you choose to stick around and read some of the posts that you find here and let me know what you think, I am always interested in feedback.!


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