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Blogging 101- Daily Prompts (A Keith story using the Alphabet)

The ! mark

Awake, Keith stared at the ceiling above his bed. Barely able to sleep. *Clank* his muscles tensed. Did that sound come outside his house or inside? Every sound had him on edge since his last encounter with the criminal underworld. Frequently checking the news he had yet to hear anything related to that night on the warehouse roof. Great coverage was being given to some politician riding an ATV at his very large private residence. How was that the biggest thing happening at the moment? It was becoming harder to trust what was being seen in the news when it felt like it was news by design. Just news to keep the masses happy rather than news to keep them informed on things that really mattered. Keith decided to find other methods of gathering intelligence, some way to get it fresh from the streets.

Laying awake all night lead to Keith having visible rings around his eyes at work which his co-worker Alex noticed; “Man, you look a little rough around the edges, are you sleeping Okay?”

Not really, I keep hearing noises around my house and feel like someone is about to break in.”

“Oh, don’t you have an early warning alarm system at home though? Perhaps you need to get something like that installed if you don’t because it would help you sleep a whole lot better. Quiver is running a closed project on a system they want me to test which I could get you in on for free if you like.”

Really? You could do that for me.”

Sure thing man, It wouldn’t be a problem at all.”

Trusty Alex, always coming to the rescue.”

Ubiquitous beams would cover the perimeter as part of the system. Very strong mag lock’s could be placed on all doors and windows.” Waffled Alex as if he hadn’t even heard Keith’s statement. “Xeon server might be need to handle the camera’s.”

You know what Alex, I got to get back to work so could you speak to the guy at Quiver and let me know?”

Zed, the guy at Quiver’s name is Zed.” Alex said snapping out of his project build zone. “I will speak to him but I’m sure he can get all that we need delivered today here at work and then I can come set it up afterwards. I got him coming here anyway to fetch some footage he needs for a case. He smiled “I caught a drug dealer read handed the other night, Zed is going to give it to the right people to make an arrest.” Alex chuckled.

Keith always got on well with Alex. But seeing this willingness to help and the seeing that he loved getting bad guys caught made Keith realize how much he valued  trusty Alex.


This story was written as part of this  prompt and in conjuntction with the blogging 101 course I am trying to be apart of. Let me know what you think. You can read more in the Ke!th series by clicking on this link


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2 thoughts on “Blogging 101- Daily Prompts (A Keith story using the Alphabet)

  1. A great story bud! Nice one 🙂

  2. Oh this is fantastic fun! I will totally try it one day soon!!

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