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SnapPost #10 – The white hat

“I woke up  that morning and….

Well I don’t really know how to explain it but I knew.”

“Sir, I can’t write that into the report. Please give me details.” The agent said from the other side of his desk.

I stirred in my seat. “Uh… was just a sense that I needed to carry out the scan. Yes I knew it was out routine but it must have been a dream I don’t remember or something that planted the idea in my mind.”

“So you carried out the scan randomly, is that correct sir?”

I nodded, “Yes, I guess you can say that.”

“Great, thank you. Now can you tell me about the scan results?

I tapped the scan results on my lap. “So it was just a basic scan I set the filters to look for open services  like  port 80 and 25 and open sessio—

The agent interrupted me by waving his hands in the air, “Sir I am not technical could you go slowly, or maybe right the more granular information down in a document. I just need a summary for this portion.”

I reached over and handed the results to him, ” Well actually I printed out the settings I used for the scan and the results I found right here, would that do?”

The agent took the results. “Yes this would help a lot, so now we just need to state a small summary to attach to your documents and then the relevant group can be assigned.”

Nodding again, “So to summarise. I did the scan, at random, like you said. It is was a basic scan but the results clearly show that your company has got some serious gap’s in your security and more pressing that I am not the first person to find them so some data has been leaked and on top of that some services  are still being abused. When I saw those results I knew I needed to let you guys know as soon as possible. I could help close those gaps if you need as well”

The agent was not the fastest when it came to typing. I watched him type those brief sentences for what felt like for ever. “All right. Thank you sir. That should be enough, and we thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will submit this and we will call you if we need anything more.”A  stern sounding voice called from a room nearby; “Hey Franky, send that guy in here, I need to speak to him.” Franky the agent gestured to me; “We are done sir so please could you go see the gentleman in that office.” I got up, feeling nervous. I had come here to warn this company of a problem. Was I now about to get into trouble for it? Walking to the office I noticed the plaque on the door, HR. I looked into the office at the man with the stern voice and he looked up to me. “So from what I heard  you are a white hat hacker and you found some problems in our systems. Is that correct?” I nodded, “Yes that is right, like I said it was at random but the results were serious so I just came to warn the company.” The stern sounding man smiled; “I like your initiative, your current company has got a a treasure in you. Thank you.” I shuffled, “I appreciate the compliment, but I am just a filing clerk at my office right now. Tough economy so IT is a hobby right now.” He raised an eyebrow; “Well if that is the case, when do you want to start? If they not using you well there I got space for you right here.”


Psst! This story was written because of this prompt.


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