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The Jock & Hipster Part 1

Josh woke up on a couch. His left hand’s knuckles were covered in fresh scabs from a recent wound, and his head was throbbing. He got off the couch as he heard the toilet down the passage flush; he wasn’t alone. Who else was in this place with him? How did he end up on this couch? He looked around the room for a weapon; an umbrella. Really? Better than nothing. He grabbed it. Watching the corridor, his heart began to beat faster. The door opened. Out emerged a man wearing skinny jeans, a checkered shirt, thick brimmed glasses and brushed back hair.

“Kyle! You gave me a fright, I was…” He waved the umbrella in the air.

“You were going to shield me from rain?” Kyle chuckled. “Glad to see you are awake bud, that was some party last night. I’m going to make some coffee if you want some?”

“Coffee sounds good yeah.” Josh said as he set the umbrella down. “Two sugars and milk please.” Kyle walked into the living room, hit play on his stereo and walked into the kitchen. Josh didn’t recognise the band that was playing at all but that was the norm whenever Kyle played music. The smell of coffee soon filled the air.

“So, I take it that I crashed on your couch after the party?” Josh asked after his first sip of coffee.

“Well there was no way you could have made it home last night. So since we were so close to my place we decided to just get here and crash for the night. Which was already a big ask for you I thought, but we got here.” Kyle responded. “How are you feeling by the way? How are your ribs?”

At the mention of his ribs Josh touched his sides and discovered that he was bruised on his left side.

“Ouch! How did that happen?”

Kyle laughed, “You decided that you could fly…and discovered you were wrong. As usual.” Josh knew Kyle was right. Josh always ended up with a bruise after one of their adventures, but he always recovered quickly. Kyle on the other hand never seemed the worse for wear after their adventures.

“Anyway, it’s time for us to get to class. So let’s get moving. You know how I love psychology.”

NOTE: This is a part of a short series that you will find here every second Tuesday. Click here for all parts of the series.

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