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I need to write

Life in light Is typing - Copy

I need to write. I am called to write, this isn’t just something to do to pass the time. I am not forced to do this. But I am compelled. I need to. I need to string these shapes that we call letters together to form words which then forms sentences. Those sentences then make up a paragraph and so this act grows bigger and bigger.

As I write, thoughts are conveyed, images painted emotions express and stories told. I need to write. It’s beautiful to think of the act of writing. I can build worlds, filled with wonderful creatures never heard of before. A world of amazing sunsets but frightful nights. A world with villains out to do harm and a hero that sacrifices all to protect it. I can write about a perfect world that we all fall in love with as we journey together through its deep and wonderful history and then I can suddenly end it all with a chaotic explosion as a meteor crashes into it leaving nothing. I can create all this just through the act of writing. This is the closest to creating something out of nothing as I can get. I need to write.

I need to write about issues that really matter. I need to write to encourage others to apply their minds and to warn them to not be sucked into the stup(id)or this world wants us to be in. I can speak truth through my writing. I can help others through writing. I can build others up. I can help shape thought. I can challenge paradigms. I can stir others into action. I can maybe, just maybe, make the world a better place for just one person through writing.

I need to write. I’m called to write. I…will…write. May God be glorified as I write.

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