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The Jock & Hipster Part 2

Sitting at his favourite coffee shop on campus early on Sunday morning, Josh was satisfying his craving for a mint latte, which was strange as he normally never really liked mint lattes. He thought of the day ahead and was looking forward to a day of catching up on his studies and TV series. Although, he should probably ease up on the crime shows he thought, considering his dreams of late. It felt so real when he was beating that man with a steel pipe and pushed the body over the pier.

“Hey Josh, I thought I would spot you here!” Kyle walked in carrying a bulky bag snapping Josh out of the memory of his dream.

“Oh hey Kyle, uh what’s with the bag? There are no classes today.” Kyle sat down and ordered a mint latte, his favourite, from the waiter.

“Oh this? It is not for class. It is…uh…for something else, something off campus.”

Josh laughed, “Taking laundry home to mom are you?”

Kyle laughed. “Yeah, taking care of dirty stuff I guess. So anyway, How about we hang out together for a while?”

“I am not particularly keen to go sort out laundry at your mom’s dude. I got my heart set on relaxing at home and catching up on some studies.”

Kyle took a sip of his latte and shook his head; “No man, not for that, I thought maybe we can catch a movie or find out what is happening at The Corner of B. You know, just do something fun before we hit the books tomorrow.”

“No thanks Kyle, I think I am pretty happy to spend the day at home, I’m broke so movies aren’t happening and The Corner of B has had some shady characters hanging around there these days.” Josh said shacking his head.

Kyle sighed, “Come on Josh; Let us go on an adventure my good man.”


The blood was all over his favourite shoes. But it was OK, he was enjoying himself too much to care. He watched the man running away. Should he chase him? He gripped the small pipe he had in his hands, it was light. He could hit the guy from here no doubt. Taking aim at his head he threw the pipe and watched as it spun in the air towards the man.

*Knock, knock*

He was startled awake, there was someone at his door. He was both relieved to have been brought out of the dream and slightly sad because he wanted to know if he would have hit his target. Come to think of it, he hadn’t seen those shoes in a while.

“Joshy! Open the door, we got to get moving if we going to get to the club before the big rush and entrance price goes up!” The female voice on the other side of the door called.

“Yeah Josh you big jock, listen to Nina. Let’s get a move on bud!” Kyle said loudly through the door.

“Kyle, you can’t call people names like that! It’s not nice.” Nina said with surprise to Kyle.

“He knows how to take a joke honey.” Kyle replied.

Josh chuckled at the conversation on the other side of the door as he walked to open it. “Hey you two, sorry about the wait I decided to catch some Z’s so I would be fresh for tonight. Come on in, I just need to grab my wallet and put some gel in my hair.” Nina hugged Josh as she walked in.

“I’m supposed to be the pretty boy Josh, not you remember.” Kyle said as he shook Josh’s hand.


One thing Josh could not deny was that the night life at The Corner of B’s was always spectacular and tonight was no exception. The music was great, Nina was dancing her heart out with Kyle, who seemed to be enjoying the music as much as Kyle could, considering his taste. It was the band after next that he came to hear anyway. They took a break to get a drink from the bar.

“The bands they have on tonight are great!” Nina said dancing on the spot. “Let’s get back on that dance floor!” she said tugging at Kyle’s hand.

“Go on ahead babe, I’ll be there in a sec I just need to catch my breath.”

“Yeah me too.” Josh chirped in.

“Alright, you know where to find me!” Nina said and turned to towards the floor. As she walked on to the floor Kyle noticed a guy getting close to Nina. It was clear that she was uncomfortable with him being so close. Kyle and Josh walked over; “Hey you! Get away from her!” Kyle yelled.

The man looked at Kyle and responded in slurred speech; “Ah, maaan. I was just tryna…-”

“I don’t care, get lost.” Kyle interrupted. Josh knew that this would escalate quickly. Kyle was the jealous type.

“OK, OK. My bad” The guy stumbled away.

Nina hugged Kyle. “My hero.” Kyle was still staring at the man.

“Hey, Kyle. Let him go, I don’t want you getting in a fight. He is gone.” Nina tapped him on the cheek as she spoke.

“Yeah OK, I’ll let him go.” Kyle said looking at Nina with a smile. It was at that point that another brown-haired girl stumbled over.

“Hey Nina, I’m not feeling to good.” Nina propped the girl up;

“Lauren, hey. Uh yeah you don’t look too good either. Are you here in your car?”

“Yup!” Lauren smiled broadly.

Nina looked at Kyle. “Hun, I am not gonna let her drive in this state. I think I’m going to call it a night and take her home, we are in the same complex of flats anyway. But you can stay, here because I know how you were looking forward to listening to that new band. Is that OK?”

Kyle smiled, “Alright babe you do that, Josh and I will leave right after they play.

Nina kissed Kyle on the cheek, “Call me when you get home.” She walked off supporting Lauren and leaving Kyle and Josh alone.

Kyle looked around the club then looked at Josh. “Let us go on an adventure my good man.”

NOTE: This is a part of a short series that you will find here every second Tuesday. Click here for all parts of the series.

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One thought on “The Jock & Hipster Part 2

  1. This is really good, I like it. I think you may enjoy my site,, it’s a comedic hipster love story. cheers

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