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The Jock & Hipster Part 4

“Ok Josh take this rope and tie Nina up for the trip.” Kyle said to Josh.

It was with little to no difficulty that Kyle gave the order concerning Nina to Josh. Josh obeyed without question, moving closer to Nina. Nina knew that there was no escape, she was trapped. While surprised she would die at the hands of two men she once considered friends she was determined not beg. She mustered up all the courage she could and staring into the face of Josh, she said;

“And so this grand adventure ends” and bowed.

Kyle’s eyes widened as he heard Nina say those words.

Josh was suddenly awake, holding a rope in his hands and staring at Nina who appeared panicked.

“Nina, What are you? Where are –

– “I really wish she hadn’t used that phrase. Things were going so well until she uttered those six words.” Kyle interrupted with a heavy sigh from behind Josh.

Josh was so confused, his heart was racing as if he had been exercising; he felt the adrenaline rushing through him. Pure exhilaration. The bedroom door had clearly been broken down. But he had no idea what was going on;

“Kyle, what in the world is going on? How did we get here?”

Kyle stepped backwards. “Well, Josh all good things have to come to an end and since we are now at our partnership’s unfortunate end I suppose I owe you an explanation.”

Kyle looked into Josh’s eyes, “Josh, I have been using you to do some dirty work for me. As my muscle as it were.” Kyle took off his backpack and begun searching inside of it.

Nina gasped in the background.

Josh was confused; “What do you mean using me?”

Kyle grinned, “Remember those dreams you told me about? They were not dreams. Those were memories struggling to come to the surface.”

Something within Josh knew Kyle was speaking the truth. “You mean all those crazy fights were real?”–

Kyle smiled. “Yes they were very real and I must say you are a really skilled fighter. You know how to take a hit but more so you know how to dish them out. It was like watching a piece of art unfold seeing you at work.”

Josh thought about the dreams. He always remembered a feeling of excitement during those dreams. As if he really enjoyed it and was good at it. “Why didn’t I remember any of it except in parts of dreams…and…and..why…oh why did I enjoy it so much! Did you drug me or something”. Thinking of the dreams now, they became clearer and clearer and the feeling of enjoyment now nauseated him as the dreams transformed into memories.

Kyle grinned. “I never had to use drugs I simply trained you, without you knowing, to respond to a certain phrase. Once I uttered it you would do anything I instructed without question and without memories. The enjoyment, well that was a way to keep you incentivised when things got physical.”

Nina yelled; “You are a sicko Kyle! How can you do that to such a loyal friend!”

Josh put it together. “So all those adventures we went on?”

Kyle nodded “Yes, going on an adventure…that was the trigger.”

Josh nodded his head too. “…But that doesn’t explain why I am awake or aware of what’s going on now.”

Kyle sighed. “Well that’s Nina’s fault. When she said those six words, she was unknowingly uttering the trigger I used to bring you back to normal. She and I always had a similar way of speaking, due to some of the books we read growing up, I guess I didn’t know how alike we were until right now.”

Nina yelled, “You are some kind of evil Kyle! Don’t compare me to you!”

 Josh let it all sink in, the adrenaline still flowing through him. “So what are we doing here now Kyle? Whats going to happen now?”

“Well we were here to get rid of her”, Kyle gestured towards Nina, “So she couldn’t speak to the cops about me but things have changed now…as Nina said this is where the adventure must end. The trigger will no longer work on you since you snapped out of it mid adventure and…Well there can be no witnesses.” Kyle’s hand whipped out of his backpack holding a gun and pointed it at Nina.

Everything seemed to slow down for Josh as he saw the gun. Without hesitating he stepped into Kyle’s line of fire. While hearing a loud bang he was already pushing with all he could from his legs to launch himself towards Kyle. Tackling Kyle to the ground. Kyle tried to aim the gun at Josh in defence but Josh quickly knocked the gun out of Kyle’s hands. Kyle managed to land a punch directly on Josh’s ear, disorientating him slightly. Josh groped around the room for something to use, anything would do. His hand touched what felt like wood and he brought it with all his might towards Kyle’s face. The wood cracked and broke and Kyle was knocked out. Josh rolled over. Nina rushed over towards him as he heard sirens growing closer. Someone must have called in the gunshot.

“Josh! You saved my life, thank you! I can’t believe you took a bullet for me.” Nina said sobbing.

It was as if her saying it, made the bullet and the pain appear in his side. He was so focused on Kyle he hadn’t noticed being shot. “I’m sorry Nina, I didn’t know he was a psycho…”

“Oh Josh, I was dating him and I didn’t know. This is not your fault. Why are still gripping that broken handle so tightly? He isn’t going to wake up anytime soon. You made sure of that.” Nina said while trying to apply pressure to his side.

Josh looked down, he was still holding onto what was left of the handle which was part the umbrella he used to knock Kyle out. The sirens where right outside, the lights could be seen through the window. Two officers barged into the room guns drawn followed by a paramedic.

“We got a report of gunfire – oh, Charlie this guy has been shot.” The medic moved towards Josh to assist.

Nina stood up and moved to the officers, “Officer this guy that has been knocked out over here, he shot my friend! He needs to be arrested. He is also involved in drugs somehow.”

“Ok ma’am I understand. Ben, cuff him for now. Charlie, how’s the victim?” The first officer said as Ben moved towards Kyle.

“We are going to take him to the hospital to remove the bullet and stitch him up but he is going to be just fine. We can move him in 10 minutes once I got the bleeding slowed down.” The medic replied.

“Thanks Charlie, ok ma’am lets go outside while we wait and you can tell me all about – “

“Actually sir, you are going to need to talk to Josh about this, he is the hero in this…this adventure.” She said with a slight giggle.

Josh chuckled with some pain. “Too soon Nina, but I am glad it is all over now.”

NOTE: This is the final part of a short series that has been published here recently. Click here for all parts of the series.


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