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Advent: 2 December

Santa is a lie

So…lets talk about Santa. We all know the truth here, right? He isn’t real. To be honest Santa is a pretty messed up lie. I remember when I was young and used to believe in Santa, I used to get so excited! I also remember when the inevitable happened and I figured out that he wasn’t real. I was so sad. Sad because I had been lied to and sad because I knew I wouldn’t get gifts form him anymore.

I am a father to be (due in May) and I have resolved not to let my Child believe the lie. Yes, they will probably be ‘that’ kid that ‘ruins’ it for others by mistake. But I don’t want them to be ruined by the lie. Here are the reasons why;

  • How do you expect your child to trust you if one of the first things you teach them is a lie?
  • Why create doubt in your child? If Santa is a lie then what about Jesus? Why should I have faith in the one and not the other?
  • Teaching your child about Santa is also teaching them to be greedy. The lists of gifts…oh the long, long lists.
  • Santa teaches that good behavior must be bought. The better I behave the better gifts I might get

A fake person that gives presents to people once a year? “You better behave if you want gifts!” If your family hasn’t got any money then Santa doesn’t care about you as much as he does the rich kids. That is not what Christmas is about. Cut it out.


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