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Advent: 7 December

Do you remember how excited you used to get for Christmas? I remember how much of a big deal it used to be for me as a child. I knew I was going to wake up to a tree filled with lots and lots of gifts!

I would wake up early, go to our living room and just see this big pile of gifts but have to wait until everyone woke up. So I would switch on the tv and watch all the Christmas shows while I waited. That tv time and the suspense for opening the gifts was a sweet time. Then I would get lost in just unwrapping gift after gift with the family. Soon after that the house would be filled with the smell of cooking, as my gran or my mother prepared a meal for our big lunch. Lunch was a big family thing with aunts and uncles joining us (and bringing more gifts). It is a great memory. But over time the gifts got less, the family time would fade and we got busy.

I remember the statements of; “Christmas isn’t as a big a deal as it used to be” or “Christmas doesn’t feel the same”. A time came when Christmas was no longer an exciting time for me. It was just another commercialized holiday that would pass.

That was until I came to understand the true meaning of Christmas. This was a time to remember Jesus entering our world. This was about Christ and not Santa. Like how John the baptist and his mother Elizabeth were excited to know that Jesus was coming into the world (Luke 1:39-45) I now have reason to be excited again. My gift excitement replaced by worship as I remember that He came. What gets you excited?


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