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Advent: 9 December

At my church we have spent some time going through the gospel of John. There is much that can be said about what is written in John and maybe you will see more of that in the future. One thing I want to share today is this; Jesus was on a mission.

If you were to read John you can see clearly how Jesus interacts with the culture in a very purposeful way. He points out falsehood and calls out to others to trust in Him. That was his mission to redeem a people to himself. Which was the cost of the cross.

As we anticipate Christmas this year remember that this day means nothing without the cross. This holiday is only a significant holiday because it reminds us of Jesus Christ coming into the world on a mission. If there was no mission, or if He failed his mission, this day would mean nothing at all.

The mission was always to result in the cross. The cross was not an after thought but the very reason that Christ was born for. He entered the world knowing how it must end and determined to meet that end. Christmas is a foreshadowing and a light pointing us towards the cross. Both the manger and the cross is where Jesus’s love for us was displayed.


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