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Advent: 13 December

At this point in time you may have already heard or asked the question; “What do you want for Christmas?”. Well if you are anything like me that could be one really long and expensive list of things. My wish list is really long. But as I consider that question I have tried to flip it and ask the question; “What would I want other to have for Christmas?”. That list could also be rather long, there is a good deal of need around us. But I have boiled it down to one thing that I would want for myself and others. That one thing is to treasure Jesus Christ and give him the glory.

When all things are unwrapped this year and all the ‘thank you’s” and ‘you shouldn’t have’s’ have been said I want to be thankful for the greatest gift of Christ my saviour. I want to praise him as I remember what this day is supposed to represent. This season should be a time that we reflect on Christ’s love for us and grow in our love for him. So that is what I want for myself and for others to experience this year. A moment of reflection as I remember what this day is supposed to represent. Last year I shared an article called “What does Jesus want for Christmas” by desiring God with a similar theme which helps to drive this point home. Enjoy.


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