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Create Something July 2017

Every month I try to write a story using words or phrases submitted to me by others. You can submit some to me by sending them to my twitter @OdlyOtter and using the hashtag #createsomething Below is this month’s submission and story. This story also seemed to naturally blend itself into the Ke!th Universe which is another piece of fiction I write. Enjoy.


Her notebooks were laying all around her as she laid sprawled on the floor. She came to with Joe pulling her up by the arm trying to help her stand. “What on earth just happened? Did I black out or something Joe?” Joe shook her head.

“No Sam, you didn’t black out. What just happened is the direct result of you attempting to be an intrepid whistleblower. The alliance doesn’t approve of whistleblowers Sam.” Said the man standing in front of her casually swinging a small electrical object in his hand.

“I’m sorry? Did…Did you just taze me?! Who the heck do you think you are and what are you talking about?” Sam replied.

The man chuckled. “You may call me Dave and this is not a taser I assure you. It is, however, on its lowest setting currently. Now, onto the matter at hand. I am talking about your recent article with the headline that read; “Crime spree imminent. So says sociologist! I am sure you recall said article.”

Sam nodded. A taxi stopped next to them and the man promptly got in as another man got out also holding the same type of object. The man stared directly at Sam. “I am here to inform you that if you are to continue to hypothesize upon such things as you did in that article it will not be salubrious to you.”

Sam was slightly taken back by the sudden change of person. “I assume you are with the man who just left in the taxi? I hope you two are aware that you are threatening a member of the press! Who do you work for?”

The man smerked . “It is not a threat, it is a warning. It is time to stop Sam. It is time to take a spontaneous cruise. Perhaps the time on the ship will be good for you. Now, if you will excuse me…” Another car pulled up next to them and the man promptly got in and it sped away.

Sam stood there stunned. Joe was pale. “My goodness, Sam that was crazy. Those men were really serious.”Sam’s eyes lit up.

Sam’s eyes lit up. “I know Joe, isn’t it fantastic!”

Joe looked puzzled: “Is it fantastic that those men just threatened to kill you because of your writing?”

Sam nodded eagerly; “Exactly! Their response is a game changer because it means my writing actually struck on some serious truth. Whatever hole those men climbed out of doesn’t like it when you shine a light in their direction. It’s great!”

Joe shook her head; “You are as crazy as that man you were telling me about that beat that mugger to save the pregnant lady.”

Sam smiled; “That man gives me hope. I am glad there are others out there that will not allow evil to win due to their own inaction. His story fills me with strength not to waver under such threats.” She laughed. “You know it is funny, they came here to scare me off but all they have done is filled me with a sense of purpose. I got to keep digging. I got to ask, Who is in the shadows, Who’s that walking in the woods trying to stay hidden. I got to find them and expose them. It almost feels like it is my destiny to do it.


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