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Create Something August 2017

Every month I try to write a story using words or phrases submitted to me by others. You can submit some to me by using my twitter @OdlyOtter and the hashtag #createsomething below is this month’s submission and story. If you made a suggestion, thank you, you are the real MVP. Enjoy.


“Mom, it really isn’t too late, you can take me home and I will fend for myself this weekend. I won’t even tell dad. Just, please don’t leave me with gran.”

“Kit, your gran isn’t that bad. I am sure you will have fun.”

“Ma, she speaks funny. Sometimes I don’t understand what she is saying and every time I come here she tries to give me a new nickname. Last time she kept calling me Patric Swayze’s stunt double who ever that is. Come on, leave me at home this weekend and I will keep to myself. Promise.”

“I question my parenting skills if you don’t know who Patric Swayze is…Anyway, I’m not leaving you at home alone. Not after I found you and Kim canoodling outside of school. Oh, look we are at the reservoir.”

Kit looked out the car window at the reservoir as they passed some otter’s swimming. He knew he was now only five minutes away from his gran.

“Look Kit, I know she might speak strangely but give her a chance, please?

The car came to a stop in the driveway and Kit could see his gran at the front door. He grabbed his earphones and packed them into his laptop bag, at least he could get lost in his music if there was nothing else for him to do.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite Power Ranger. How are you Kit?” She asked walking towards the car.

“Hi gran, I am doing fine thanks.” Kit said as he walked to the trunk to collect his luggage. His mom bumping into him.

“Don’t be terse with her Kit, be nice! Go hug her, I will get your bag.” She said beneath her breath.

Kit turned and walked to her gran to hug her. “How have you been gran? Are you still enjoying all this space around you out here?”

“Ah, well I have a minor case of collywobbles at the moment and I dare not mention my swollen feet from the long walk this morning but I will be fine.” She chuckled as she squeezed him.

“Hi mom, sorry I need to rush off. Thank you for taking care of Kit. I’m sure he will behave himself, he will probably be buried in his music or games on his laptop most of the time. Did I hear you say you are not well?

“I’m fine, when we get in the house I shall have some insipid fluid which will make me right as rain in 5 minutes. I must say I am looking forward to time with my grandson though, we could talk about what music you are enjoying at present.”

Kit fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Yeah sure, we could do that and maybe I could play you some of my stuff as well.”

“Excellent, well then let’s go inside and let your mother leave.”

Kit hugged his mom and went inside. Looking back he saw her driving away.

“Right just the two of us now power ranger, tell me about your music. Who are you listening too?”

“Uh, well I’m just starting to learn to play guitar. I just bought one off amazon so that is pretty exciting. I recorded myself playing as well so I can play that for you if you want. But I don’t know if you will like it or the bands I’m listening to gran, they are pretty different. For example, have you heard of the blue balloons or Codswallop?”

She chuckled, “Oh Kit, of course, I have heard of the blue balloons, the band made up of people all over the country that play together online and whose identities are unknown to anyone except the band members. I would say I know them better than you do.”

Kit was surprised; “Really gran? I must admit I didn’t expect you to know them. They don’t seem like your type of music.”

His gran motioned to a door “Kit do me a favour and open that door.”

Kit got up and opened the door, inside was a camera pointing at a drum kit and a blue balloon painted on the wall.

“You see Kit, Somebody once told me that I had an innate ability with rhythm & that I should invest in a membranphone based instrument. So, I decided to start a new hobby I fortuitously I walked passed a garage sale and found this drum set at a really good price and have been playing for a year now.

“Wow gran, this looks exactly like the one that belongs to the blue balloons drummer!”

She smiled “There is a very good reason for that Kit and I can trust you with this secret I’m sure. I am not just a fan. I am the drummer.”

Kit was stunned and then he smiled. “This is going to be one fun weekend.


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