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Dear Son – Letter 1

Dear Son

Hi, I am your father. Wow, that is funny to type, because it’s true and because of the Star Wars reference. Star Wars? Well, you are too young to get that reference but trust me it was good.

The truth that I am now a father hasn’t fully sunk in just yet. I barely understand how to adult properly and now I have another life to take care of. That’s intimidating! But trust me, son. I want the best for you.

Right now you are small. Ity-bity. And so I can say that I want you to grow up to be a big, strong and most importantly a godly man. Oh, sure we are going to argue. You are going to disagree with me on a few things I am sure. Your hairstyle or your room. Maybe your friends or your music. That’s fine, as long as we both remember this. I want the best for you.

I want to protect you from this world and its entanglements. I want to help you fight sin, even when you don’t want to fight it yourself. I want to guide you towards the narrow path. Because, my boy. I want the best for you. I want you to know the supreme creator and to love him as we, your parents, do. Because that’s how I know I was a good dad. If I helped you to see and savor God the Father in all his glory and to love His son our savior. Then I know I have done my job.

My son, I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that at some point I am going to disappoint you somehow. It might be in my lack of being able to sport, or something else. But I hope you know and I want you to feel that I love you. Forgive me when I wrong you, please. It’s going to happen. But remember. I want the best for you.

Welcome, Malachi Mark Armstrong.

I need to write

Life in light Is typing - Copy

I need to write. I am called to write, this isn’t just something to do to pass the time. I am not forced to do this. But I am compelled. I need to. I need to string these shapes that we call letters together to form words which then forms sentences. Those sentences then make up a paragraph and so this act grows bigger and bigger.

As I write, thoughts are conveyed, images painted emotions express and stories told. I need to write. It’s beautiful to think of the act of writing. I can build worlds, filled with wonderful creatures never heard of before. A world of amazing sunsets but frightful nights. A world with villains out to do harm and a hero that sacrifices all to protect it. I can write about a perfect world that we all fall in love with as we journey together through its deep and wonderful history and then I can suddenly end it all with a chaotic explosion as a meteor crashes into it leaving nothing. I can create all this just through the act of writing. This is the closest to creating something out of nothing as I can get. I need to write.

I need to write about issues that really matter. I need to write to encourage others to apply their minds and to warn them to not be sucked into the stup(id)or this world wants us to be in. I can speak truth through my writing. I can help others through writing. I can build others up. I can help shape thought. I can challenge paradigms. I can stir others into action. I can maybe, just maybe, make the world a better place for just one person through writing.

I need to write. I’m called to write. I…will…write. May God be glorified as I write.

Reasons to love God

A couple of years ago I was asked to think about my love for God. I wrote it out as a prayer and recently I stumbled upon that note and thought I would share it below.

I thank you Lord that I am never beyond repair. Your grace is always bigger than my mistakes.

I love you Lord because you loved me when I was nothing more than a vile sinner. Not only have you saved me but you continue to save me from myself and when I am too stubborn to listen, and fall, you are always willing to forgive. I love you Lord because you have the best planned for me. I can trust in your guiding hand to lead me down the right path and not to harm me. You shaped and fashioned me in my mother’s womb and still continue to shape me into the person you want me to be. I love you Lord because you allow me to be a part of your story here on earth. You don’t need me but you choose to use me. Thank you for letting me be used by you. Thank you for hearing when I cry out about big things in my life. Thank you for hearing me when I cry out about silly things in my life. Thank you that you not only hear me but that you answer me, in a perfect way.

Lord you never let go, when I went through times of great depression and loss, you were there. Thank you.

I thank you Lord that with you there is no need for a facade, I don’t need to try to impress you or pretend that everything is OK when it is not. Because you know the true me, you have seen me at my lowest and my best, you know the depths of my heart Lord but you love me the same. And I love you too.

Bible reading plans 2016

So, just like last year if you looking for a new bible reading plan for 2016 or just need some help on how to better  your reading of the bible. You can find a plan by clicking on this link. You will be taken to Ligonier Ministries where they have a variety of different plans to choose from for those who just want to do some light reading or something more intense. I hope this helps you to devour the Lords words more this year. Oh, and Happy New Year 🙂

What does Jesus want this Christmas?

“Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world.” – John 17:24

What does Jesus want this Christmas?

We can see the answer in his prayers. What does he ask God for? His longest prayer is John 17. The climax of his desire is in verse 24.

Among all the undeserving sinners in the world, there are those whom God has “given to Jesus.”

These are those whom God has drawn to the Son (John 6:44,64). These are Christians – people who have “received” Jesus as the crucified and risen Savior and Lord and Treasure of their lives (John 1:12;3:17;6:3510:11,17-18;20:28). Jesus says he wants them to be with him.

Sometimes we hear people say that God created man because he was lonely. So they say, “God created us so that we would be with him.” Does Jesus agree with this? Well, he does say that he really want us to be with him! Yes but why? Consider the rest of the verse. Why does Jesus want us to be with him?

“…to see my glory that you [Father] have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world.”

That would be a strange way of expressing his loneliness. “I want them with me so they can see my glory.” In fact, it doesn’t expresses his concern for the satisfaction of our longing, not his loneliness.

Jesus is not lonely. He and the Father and the Spirit are profoundly satisfied in the fellowship of the Trinity. WE, no he, are starving for something. And what Jesus want for Christmas is for us to experience what we were really made for – seeing and savoring his glory.

Oh, that God would make this sink in to our souls!

Jesus made us (John 1:3) to see his glory.

Just before he goes to the cross he pleads his deepest desires with the Father: “Father, I desire [I desire!] that they … may be with me where I am, to see my glory.

But that is only half of what Jesus wants in these final, climatic verses of his prayer. I just said we were really made for seeing and savoring his glory. Is that what he wants – that we not only see his glory but savor it, relish it, delight in it, treasure it, love it?

Consider verse 26, the very last verse:

I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

That is the end of the prayer. What is Jesus’s final goal for us? Not that we simply see his glory, but that we love him with the same love that the Father has for him: “that the love with which you [Father] have loved me may be in them.”

Jesus’s longing and goal is that we see his glory and then that we be able to love what we see with the same love that the Father has for the Son. And he doesn’t mean that we merely imitate the love of the Father for the Son. He means the Father’s very love becomes our love for the Son. This is what the Spirit becomes and bestows in our lives:

Love for the Son by the Father through the Spirit.

What Jesus wants most for Christmas is that his elect be gathered in and then get what they want most – to see his glory and then savor it with the very savoring of the Father for the Son.

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Just Quote’n -Charles Spurgeon #3

The below is once again from Charles Spurgeon’s devotional “Morning and Evening”

…The tendency in these days is to break down the holy barrier and to make the distinction between the church and the world merely nominal. Christians no longer keep a strict watch over their attitudes and action, questionable literature is read everywhere, frivolous pastimes are commonly indulged, and a general laxity threatens to deprive the Lord’s own people of the sacred singularity that separates them from sinners. It will be an evil day for the church and the world when the proposed unification is complete, and the ‘sons of God’ and the ‘daughter of men’ (Gen 8:2) are as one…Beloved reader , let it be your aim in hear, word, dress, and action to maintain the ‘broad wall’remembering that friendship with this world means enmity with God.


Bible reading plans

If you looking for a new bible reading plan for 2015 or have decided to start reading your bible more this year you can find a plan by clicking on this link. You will be taken to Ligonier Ministries where they have a whole stack of different plans to choose from for those who just want to do some light reading or something more intense. Have a look and I hope this helps you to devour the Lords words more this year.

Just Quote’n -Charles Spurgeon #1

Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! – Psalm 107:8

If we complained less and praised more, we would be happier, and God would be more glorified. Let us daily praise God for common mercies – common as we frequently call them, yet so priceless that, when deprived of them, we are ready to perish. Let us bless God for the eyes with which we behold the sun , for the health and strength to walk around, for the bread we eat, for the clothing we wear. Let us praise Him that we are not cast out among the hopeless or confined among the guilty. Read more…

Damaged goods

This has been published as an Accepted DPchallenge post.

Blergh! Leftovers again. How many of us have realized that we are going to be eating leftovers and pulled a face at it. “What? Last nights supper for lunch, Ahh, no man!” We are a fussy people, what was acceptable at first is not good enough the second time round. Leftovers are gross. Last nights supper as today’s lunch is not appealing. Second hand items are looked down on, we want things brand new. Damaged goods are worth less. We place value to things on how clean and pure they are. Sadly, we allow this to be true even of ourselves. Truth is we are all damaged goods. We are what is leftover from the battles we have faced, the trials we have gone through. The regret we carry and because of this we view ourselves in the same way we view gross left overs and second hand items. Not as valuable as the cleaner and better condition people out there. When I thought of this my mind recalled the lyrics to a song.

These lyrics are from a secular artist by the name of Watsky. He is not a clean rapper. So if you happen to find him on youtube, be warned, there will be language. I lifted these lyrics from a song he has called sloppy seconds. The theme of the song deals with the fact that we all have baggage but that doesn’t make us worth less. Read below;

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Refuse to let the dust settle

This has been published as an Accepted DPchallenge post.


Oh the sweet Irony! So this challenge is to help us get the dust off things we haven’t touched in a long time. So I thought; ‘”This is it, I can use this as a chance to finally start writing more and publish one of the many many drafts I have saved! Maybe I can do some work on Auburn since it has been delayed” (It is still coming  for those of you who follow the story, we are just exploring the Idea of releasing it in a fully compiled ebook). But instead of doing that, I started another draft, wrote some thoughts down for that and saved it. Creating something else that will collect some dust before it finally ends up getting published. So then I started looking around for other things that need to be published, things that need to have the dust cleared off of them and my eyes fell upon my guitar sitting on my newly acquired stand. I can’t say I actually PLAY guitar it’s more like I OWN a guitar. I started to learn years ago but could never stick to a routine to learn. So I bought a stand and thought that having it right next to me in my study would make me want to play it more. I took it out its case, restrung it, played a few notes and realized it needs tuning and returned it to its case. It hasn’t come out since. Collecting some more dust. Why is that?

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