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How Christian is the Christian Voters Guide?

Excellent article in light of the coming voters day. I also enjoyed the articles linked at the bottom.

Called. Convicted. Converted.

ELECTIONS-2014-01-709x700The  views expressed in this article should not be construed as endorsing any particular political party. My standing political view has been that we need more Christian MP’s.

How do Christians navigate the tricky waters of voting in South Africa? I’m not writing to tell you who to vote for, nor to deal with issue of voting pragmatically vs. based on principle. Rather I want to address a pernicious threat to Christians as they consider enjoying their democratic privilege. If you would like to think through how Christians should vote please see the two articles I link to at the end of this post for some ideas.

As Christians seek to make a tick in a godly way, many are looking to the Christian voters guide put out by the African Christian Action as a buoy in the waters of SA politics. This is specifically targeting those Christians who believe…

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A Sword of Wood

O Student, study with great zeal and passion. Study the ways of the world. Study the ebb and flow about life, from conception to death. Study the tongues of the nations, mark their similarities and differences. Study deep and study wide. Study with joy and discovery. Study the infinite sky or the unknown seas.

But mostly study Jesus.

O Writer, write with insight and wit. Write of lovers, star-crossed and tragic. Write of the pain of heartache and the joy of heart’s desire. Write of things we can only imagine. Write of things we know too well. Write of dragons and princesses and valiant knights who can save the day. Write of crime and drama. Write of horror and suspense.

But mostly write of Jesus.

O Singer, sing with all joy and wonder. Sing in operas and in concerts and in the shower. Sing about lost affection and blooming romance…

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