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Create Something October 2017

Every month I try to write a story using words or phrases submitted to me by others. You can submit some to me by using my twitter @OdlyOtter and the hashtag #createsomething below is this month’s submission and story. If you made a suggestion, thank you, you should get a high five.

She could hear the bullets whiz past her as she ran and turned the corner. She dived onto a bus that was passing by and pulled her partner on board. As the bus continued to drive on their pursuers rounded the corner but had not seen them climb on the bus. They sat there catching their breath and she chuckled while her partner looked flustered. “Oh Frank, is all this excitement too much for you? I’m sure you didn’t expect any of this when we first bumped into each other on the landing of our adjustment aerie’s a few months ago did you?”

Frank shook his head “No indeed. I knew you were filled with adventure as soon as I looked into your eyes but I never expected this.”

The bus came to a stop and they both got off and walked into the nearest store. Which ended up being a bookstore. “Yes, well those individuals are from some business in Knysna that didn’t end well. Take a look at some of these books while I make a phone call. I won’t be long.”

He grabbed the first book he could and just stared at the pages not really taking anything in. His heart was racing and his mind was whirling. This woman was wild and adventurous. She ignited him. In the time they had spent together he had learned what it meant to live life and not to merely exist. He loved her and he knew she loved him. His recent encounter with death, however, had him asking questions. Why would people be shooting at them? What kind of trouble was she in? What kind of trouble was he now in?

He snapped out of his thoughts as she came up to him and grabbed the book out of his hands and looked at. “Aggiornamento” She tilted her head and looked at Frank.

“I’m sorry what?” Frank said.

She read aloud from the page he had been starting at; “Aggiornamento, meaning A bringing up to date, it was one of the keywords used during the Second Vatican Council both by bishops and the clergy attending the sessions and by the media and Vaticanologists covering it.” She smiled. “Frank, what on earth are you reading? Is this a dictionary? No matter, bring it with we need to go.” They walked out of the store and she squeezed his hand.

Read more…


Just Quote’n – John MacArthur #3

[1 John 3:2]

By nature, Simon Peter was brash, vacillating, and undependable. He tended to make promises he couldn’t follow through with and appeared to lunge wholeheartedly into something only to bail out before finishing. When Jesus first met Simon, He gave him the nickname Peter, which means “Rock.” It appears He wanted the new name to be perpetual reminder to him about who he should be. Whenever He called him Rock, the Lord was commending His student for acting the way he ought to be acting.

When the Lord calls a disciple, He not only knows who he or she is, He also knows who he or she should be – and will be. If He can make a vacillating character like Peter as stable as a rock, He can also transform our character flaws and make us stand at the very point where we would otherwise fail. Thus His strength is perfected in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Have you seen that pattern in your own spiritual growth?

-MacArthur in “From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary” devotional

Musical Monday #43 – Worthy Is The Lamb (God’s Servant)

So if you have followed this blog for long enough you will know that I enjoy some Christain rap. Found this song recently. Good lyrics presented well. Enjoy.

Just Quote’n – Gilbert #5

Since the very beginning of time, people have been trying to save themselves in ways that make sense to them, rather than listening and submitting to God… Indeed I believe one of the greatest dangers the body of Christ face today is the temptation to rethink and re-articulate the gospel in a way that makes it center on something other than the death of Jesus on the cross in the place of sinners.

– Greg Gilbert in What is the Gospel?

Create Something September 2017

Every month I try to write a story using words or phrases submitted to me by others. You can submit some to me by using my twitter @OdlyOtter and the hashtag #createsomething below is this month’s submission and story. If you made a suggestion, thank you, you deserve a noddy badge.

As I walked into the restaurant my interest was immediately piqued by the lady alone at the table in the corner. While she was very attractive that is not what I noticed. It was the lineaments on her face, something about her cheeks and her eyes that I noticed. They were too perfect as if sculptured from clay to be just right. I approached her.

“Good evening, I must say that looks like a delightful dessert, you seem to be enjoying there.” I wasn’t lying I don’t know what it was but it looked great and I wanted it. “Could I bother you for the name of it?”

She looked up, it felt like she was assessing me. Deciding if I was some creep or someone she could spare a few sentences for. I hoped she would decide the latter. I slowly sat down while maintaining what I hoped was a none-creepy smile on my face. She seemed to have decided. “I’m not sure, to be honest. I just asked the waiter for the most chocolate thing on the menu and this is the result.” She took another spoonful and then swallowed. “Besides being a small serving, It is very good. Well, you know, it’s no packet of Jelly tots but it is a close second.” She was referring to a candy that was no longer in production. They had stopped making it a year ago. All that was left was remnant stock and it came at a premium these days. Read more…

Musical Monday #42 – Shepherd Of My Soul (Rivers & Robots)

This video had excellent visuals. Nice and slow to realx you as you should be when you are being lead. Enjoy it.

Just Quote’n – John Piper #7

Man-Centered humans are amazed that God should withhold life and joy from his creatures. But the God-centered Bible is amazed that God should withhold judgement from sinners.

-John Piper

This needs to sink in. Our paradigm is wrong. Somewhere along the line we have become convinced that we are entitled to the best life possible.

Create Something August 2017

Every month I try to write a story using words or phrases submitted to me by others. You can submit some to me by using my twitter @OdlyOtter and the hashtag #createsomething below is this month’s submission and story. If you made a suggestion, thank you, you are the real MVP. Enjoy.


“Mom, it really isn’t too late, you can take me home and I will fend for myself this weekend. I won’t even tell dad. Just, please don’t leave me with gran.”

“Kit, your gran isn’t that bad. I am sure you will have fun.”

“Ma, she speaks funny. Sometimes I don’t understand what she is saying and every time I come here she tries to give me a new nickname. Last time she kept calling me Patric Swayze’s stunt double who ever that is. Come on, leave me at home this weekend and I will keep to myself. Promise.”

“I question my parenting skills if you don’t know who Patric Swayze is…Anyway, I’m not leaving you at home alone. Not after I found you and Kim canoodling outside of school. Oh, look we are at the reservoir.”

Kit looked out the car window at the reservoir as they passed some otter’s swimming. He knew he was now only five minutes away from his gran.

“Look Kit, I know she might speak strangely but give her a chance, please?

The car came to a stop in the driveway and Kit could see his gran at the front door. He grabbed his earphones and packed them into his laptop bag, at least he could get lost in his music if there was nothing else for him to do.

“Well if it isn’t my favorite Power Ranger. How are you Kit?” She asked walking towards the car.

“Hi gran, I am doing fine thanks.” Kit said as he walked to the trunk to collect his luggage. His mom bumping into him.

“Don’t be terse with her Kit, be nice! Go hug her, I will get your bag.” She said beneath her breath.

Kit turned and walked to her gran to hug her. “How have you been gran? Are you still enjoying all this space around you out here?”

“Ah, well I have a minor case of collywobbles at the moment and I dare not mention my swollen feet from the long walk this morning but I will be fine.” She chuckled as she squeezed him.

“Hi mom, sorry I need to rush off. Thank you for taking care of Kit. I’m sure he will behave himself, he will probably be buried in his music or games on his laptop most of the time. Did I hear you say you are not well? Read more…

Musical Monday #41 – Right Here, Right Now (S.O. )

Some old school rap music for you today. Simple message is will you server God or not. Serve Him right here and right now.


Just Quote’n – John MacArthur #2

Luke 5:31-32

Mathew, the former tax collector (who was sometimes called Levi), was considered one of the most despicable people in Israel before Jesus called him. He had taken a job with the Roman government to extort taxes from his own people – and that tax money went to pay for the Roman occupation army. To make matters worse, tax collectors commonly took more money than the Romans required and lined their pockets with the difference. So, the fact that Jesus dined with tax collectors, and then chose one of them to join his inner circle of disciples, did not sit well with the religious elite.

Does something in your past cause you to doubt your worthiness to be a disciple of Jesus? If so , you’re exactly the kind of disciple He sought, found, saved, trained, and then appointed to represent Him. His grace gives you all the “qualification” you need to become an extraordinary asset in the cause of Christ.


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