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Musical Monday #40 – Somewhere in the middle (Casting Crowns)

We find ourselves in the middle of the year right now this song popped up and reminded me of being in the middle in a spiritual world. How long will we allow ourselves to be caught in the middle?


Musical Monday #35 – All because of Jesus (Casting Crowns)

Musical Monday’s back again, here we have Casting Crowns singing All because of Jesus.

Musical Monday #28 – Courageous (Casting Crowns)

Everyone loves Casting Crowns. This song is from the movie a few years ago.

Musical Monday #13 Glorious Day – Casting Crowns (Worship Song with Lyrics)

Another great Casting Crowns song. This reminds us of how God is active in history, past and future.

Musical Monday #9 – East To West by Casting Crowns (Music Video With Lyrics)

I really enjoy Casting Crowns and the song reminds me that my sin was completely dealt with. What a great redeemer!

Musical Monday #2- What this world needs by Casting Crown

I appreciate the message they are trying to get through with this song. Unfortunately I was unable to find a official video so the one below is the song with the lyrics. Enjoy.

Slow Fade – Casting Crowns

We recently heard a sermon at out church about drifting away from the faith and this song immediately sprang to mind. Christian, be careful when you think you stand strong lest you fall (1 Cor 10:12).

Do not flirt with sin.  You do not become spiritually bankrupt over night it is a slow process. Keep watch for spiritual erosion, stay faithful to your local church body and devotions. Should you want to hear a excellent sermon on this topic you can download one here for free.

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