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Calvin vs Calvin


I have read some Calvin, the comics that is, not the Calvin that has contributed greatly to our understanding of biblical theology. And this made me think…What are we reading and does it really matter? First off I am going to acknowledge the irony that I am writing something because I hope someone out there will read it. I WANT you to read and even more so I want you to read MY stuff, and after all why wouldn’t you? It is fantastic stuff! So acknowledging the irony that I am writer who wants to be read I want to give you some food for thought on reading.

So like I was saying, I have read some Calvin, the one with the tiger that is. In fact I have read a good amount of comic’s and I check two sites almost weekly for new content and a good chuckle. XKCD and Dilbert are some of my favorites. Nothing wrong with that. But what I am trying to think through recently is what am I reading.

There are some areas that I am trying to wrestle with, the first of which is substance. When it comes to substance the question I am asking is. “Does what I am reading actually have substance to it or is it all superficial and fluffy?” Let’s face it, there is so much out there to read. So many of us (myself included) want you to gaze your eyes upon our words. We want to be read. We want you to be entertained and hooked into our words. So we need to learn to filter what we are consuming. What we consume matters. As we read I want to ask the question, how much of what I am reading actually matters? Did that article or story mean anything? Did the writer actually say anything of worth or was it just fluffy? What was the author trying to convey or teach? We can be, and we should be critical of what we are reading. The other question we should be asking is; “Am I reading more fluffy superficial stuff than I should? When was the last time I actually read something of substance?” Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you should only read things of substance. Substance is important, we should be reading things that teach us or stretch us. Superficial things matter likewise, our brains need some downtime from heavy reading. We need something to laugh at and enjoy. Our question is, “Does what I am reading have substance or is it all superficial?” The challenge for us is to be looking for substance and not to allow ourselves to just be consumed purely by fluff that will not grow us. Alongside this question I am also asking the question on content.

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