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Just Quote’n – Thomas Watson #1

“The reason we come away so cold from reading the word is, because we do not warm ourselves at the fires of meditation.”

– Thomas Watson

Take time to think about what you read and pray about it. Don’t rush to the next activity. Let it sink in.

Just Quote’n -Charles Spurgeon #3

The below is once again from Charles Spurgeon’s devotional “Morning and Evening”

…The tendency in these days is to break down the holy barrier and to make the distinction between the church and the world merely nominal. Christians no longer keep a strict watch over their attitudes and action, questionable literature is read everywhere, frivolous pastimes are commonly indulged, and a general laxity threatens to deprive the Lord’s own people of the sacred singularity that separates them from sinners. It will be an evil day for the church and the world when the proposed unification is complete, and the ‘sons of God’ and the ‘daughter of men’ (Gen 8:2) are as one…Beloved reader , let it be your aim in hear, word, dress, and action to maintain the ‘broad wall’remembering that friendship with this world means enmity with God.


Just Quote’n -Charles Spurgeon #2

The below is taken from Charles Spurgeon’s devotional “Morning and Evening”

If left to yourselves, you who are warmest for Christ would cool down like Laodicea into sickening lukewarmness. You who are sound in the faith would be white with leprosy of false doctrine. You who now walk before the Lord in excellency and integrity would reel to and fro and stagger with a drunkenness of evil passion. Like the moon, we borrow our light; bright as we are when grace shines on us, we are darkness itself when the Sun of Righteousness withdraws Himself. Therefore, let us cry to God never to leave us…Lord, keep us everywhere. Keep us when we are in the valley, so that we will not complain about Your humbling hand. Keep us when we are on the mountain, so that we will not become dizzy from being lifted up. Keep us in our youth, when our passions are strong; keep us in our old age, when becoming conceited by our wisdom, we might prove greater fools than the young and foolish. Keep us when we come to die, lest, at the very end, we would deny You! Keep us living, keep us dying, keep us laboring, keep us suffering, keep us fighting, keep us resting, keep us everywhere, for everywhere we need You, O our God!

Just Quote’n -Charles Spurgeon #1

Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men! – Psalm 107:8

If we complained less and praised more, we would be happier, and God would be more glorified. Let us daily praise God for common mercies – common as we frequently call them, yet so priceless that, when deprived of them, we are ready to perish. Let us bless God for the eyes with which we behold the sun , for the health and strength to walk around, for the bread we eat, for the clothing we wear. Let us praise Him that we are not cast out among the hopeless or confined among the guilty. Read more…

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