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Blogging 101- Daily Prompts (A Keith story using the Alphabet)

The ! mark

Awake, Keith stared at the ceiling above his bed. Barely able to sleep. *Clank* his muscles tensed. Did that sound come outside his house or inside? Every sound had him on edge since his last encounter with the criminal underworld. Frequently checking the news he had yet to hear anything related to that night on the warehouse roof. Great coverage was being given to some politician riding an ATV at his very large private residence. How was that the biggest thing happening at the moment? It was becoming harder to trust what was being seen in the news when it felt like it was news by design. Just news to keep the masses happy rather than news to keep them informed on things that really mattered. Keith decided to find other methods of gathering intelligence, some way to get it fresh from the streets.

Laying awake all night lead to Keith having visible rings around his eyes at work which his co-worker Alex noticed; “Man, you look a little rough around the edges, are you sleeping Okay?”

Not really, I keep hearing noises around my house and feel like someone is about to break in.”

“Oh, don’t you have an early warning alarm system at home though? Perhaps you need to get something like that installed if you don’t because it would help you sleep a whole lot better. Quiver is running a closed project on a system they want me to test which I could get you in on for free if you like.” Read more…

SnapPost #7 – Ten minutes of Ke!th

The ! mark

The below was written in 10 minutes for the daily challenge. Wow, I had to think fast on this one! Glad to see Keith again though. Let me know what you think!


Keith was late. Sitting on the bus with only the soft tick-toc of a fellow passenger’s watch to be heard he was reminded of how time was marching onwards and how late he was getting. It wasn’t the end of the world he tried to remind himself he was sure that they would understand if he stepped in late, after all it was his first lesson. He didn’t want to make a bad impression though, he hated being late, maybe he would talk to the instructor afterwards to apologies. The bus came to a stop and he jumped out and ran towards the class. The big “Krav Maga this way” signs helped him navigate the large community center quickly. If he wanted to make a difference, he needed to train. He was excited. He tried to slip into the classroom unnoticed as many partners were already trying out a few moves. Was this the right class? This didn’t look like a 101 type of lesson. A bald and angry looking man spotted him and walked towards him.

“Hey! your late, well I’m not gonna waste time going over things right now, time to sink or swim, here take this knife.”

Keith caught the knife that was suddenly flying through the air, happy to learn that it was plastic. “Hi, yes I’m sorry I’m late but the bus—

“Talk later, fight now.” “Come at me!”

“Well this is strange” thought Keith. “But OK then.” He ran at the guy, knife in hand. He didnt know what happened after that but next thing he knew he was laying on the floor. His ribs bursting with pain and the bald guy was holding the knife. Keith had a lot to learn.

29 brief memories

From ohgizmo

The below is a list of memories as they came to mind from the earliest to the latest. I asked myself to remember these because of this week’s challenge. So…Do you remember back in the day?

  1. Yes, I remember when I had my first fight. I had the wind knocked out of me.
  2. I remember when I got caught stealing. The shame and keen sense of sin I felt.
  3. I remember how I got that deep scar on my leg. Darn you gravity.
  4. I remember my first day in high school where I was picked on by the senior students. I was forced to ride a model motor bike and make noises.
  5. I remember attending Youth Group for the first time. I have so many fond memories of that place.
  6. I remember being mugged at gunpoint on the way to a friend’s place.
  7. I remember meeting HER for the first time. I had no idea what the future held.
  8. I remember slowly becoming more and more convinced about my need for Christ.
  9. I remember failing speeches because I was just too scared to speak in public. True story, more than once.
  10. I remember realizing that the Lord was calling me into His service.
  11. I remember breaking up. My fault. I was sad.
  12. I remember getting back together. I was happy.
  13. I remember being mugged. AGAIN!
  14. I remember preaching my first sermon. I was scared, but passionate. Read more…

SnapPost #3 -The story of a porcupine and tacos

Some nouns used in this story

Some nouns used in this story

The below is written for the weekly challenge. I asked friends for some random nouns (underlined in this story) and created a story out of them. Let me know what you think!

He had been hiding in a corner of the ceiling in the library for a long time. Yes, Yoshi the ninja porcupine was on yet another mission, awaiting his prey. But as highly trained as he was he couldn’t help but be distracted by the man rocking on WhatsApp screenhis chair at the table just below him. This man was a piece of work, sitting there with his hat on skew on purpose, visible armpit sweat stains on his shirt and a wristwatch that ticked so loudly it drove Yoshi mad. What made it worse was that he kept sneaking pickles out his bag, eating them, licking his fingers and then turning the page of the book he was reading. In a library, what disrespect this man had for other people and public property. One of the things Yoshi hated was disrespect for the rules, second only to dirty books and maybe toe-jam, because that is just gross, filthy human feet, bleeg! Come to think of it Yoshi hated a lot of things, that’s why he became a ninja, and not an artist like his father wanted. Staring at a canvas trying to paint a flower he would hate that. This guy however with his pickles and ticking watch was getting closer and closer to the top of Yoshi’s list right now. Yoshi wanted to wipe him out of existence. The world would be a better place without him, death by a quill to the throat it would be.

But he was on a mission, he had to wait for the man with the apparatus designed to take over people’s minds to show up and stop him from selling it. Operation padlock must succeed! It was just then when the man walked in, the apparatus tucked under his arm. A picture of a kickstand on his t-shirt. Yoshi dropped down right in front of him, quill in hand, “It is time to die fiend!” The man looked Yoshi in the eye and opened his mouth and said “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP” it was at that point that Frank woke up and switched off his alarm and made a mental note not to eat tacos so late at night ever again.

The rise of a hero continued

The ! mark

Day 1 He falls into his office chair. Breathing heavy but he just made it in time to work with a minute to spare. His mind is still in shock as he remembers what happened just a few minuets ago. Did I really run into that ally and beat that man with a plank until he ran away?! What was I thinking!? Well, at least I stopped him from taking that poor lady’s purse. A small smile appears on his face as he thinks; “For once evil did not win”. He notice’s a small splinter in his palm from the plank and he begins to take it out. Now realizing that he has to report that he was mugged and get his phone replaced…again.

Day 2 “Keith!, I am waiting for Alex to come in so I can discuss this with him. But do you think If we finish this project early we can have some time off on Friday?” His colleague asks from the opposite table.

Snapping back to reality Keith responds; “Uh, yeah I think we can do that. The project shouldn’t take to much longer anyway”.

“Thanks Keith, you know Alex always listens to you! You should totally be in charge instead.”

Day 3 ‘I should be in charge?’ Keith thought to himself. ‘Being head of the department used to be the dream, but that wont matter in the long run. All I want to do is make an impact somehow.’

“Yeah, well this project ain’t gonna finish its self so lets get cracking” Keith responded.

“Yeah, lets do this, wave if you need anything ok?” his colleague put his earphones on from which the distant sound of a beat can be heard.

Day 4 “Lunch is ready!” The cry of the caterer snapped Keith out of project mode and simultaneously helped him realize how hungry he actually was. “Pizza is on the kitchen counter, drinks and dessert in the fridge.” Keith, was thankful that his work supplied food everyday, otherwise he would go hungry. He opened the fridge and took out a coke and a chocolate bar for later, put a few slices on a plate and sat down to read the newspaper in the the canteen. The headline in the newspaper read; “CRIME spree imminent. So says sociologist!”

Day Five “Hey, Keith.” A man says sitting down at the same table.

Looking up Keith see’s Alex. Alex, as always, was wearing some new gadget. This time it was something like a Google glass but smaller and a little more slick. “Oh hey Alex how you doing, what that you are wearing?”

“Oh these, they are the new vision prototypes, I am testing them for upstairs.” Alex looked at the newspaper Keith was reading. “Oh yeah, I read that article a little earlier today. It is is rather alarming. Basically they predict that in the next few months crime is going to spike. they have seen an upward trend in the last few weeks and suspect that there is someone in the underground world that has begun to orchestrate groups. Supposedly there is something big in the mix that is being built up.”Alex took a bite of his slice of pizza. “They even suspect that there are cops involved in this movement. So I am not sure how it is going to come to an end then.”He takes a big sip of his coke. “I read on a on-line newpaper about a random guy that rescued this pregnant lady from a mugging this morning. He bet the mugger with a plank and after the mugger ran he picked up the lady’s bag, handed it to her and then run. That is what we need more of, guys taking the fight to the criminals and fighting for our city.”

Keith swallowed. “So what you are saying is that we need to fight back and reclaim this city from the criminals.”

“That is exactly what I am saying! Someone needs to stand up to them and say This is as far as you will go. Keith, this war is ours, we need to push back or they will win and we can’t allow that.” Alex said enthusiastically.

It was at that point that Keith realized how he wanted to make a difference in the world. This war was his!


Psst! The below is a written for the weekly challenge,  I have added Day in this post to indicate when it was written for this challenge,let me know what you think! If the story should continue.

Damaged goods

This has been published as an Accepted DPchallenge post.

Blergh! Leftovers again. How many of us have realized that we are going to be eating leftovers and pulled a face at it. “What? Last nights supper for lunch, Ahh, no man!” We are a fussy people, what was acceptable at first is not good enough the second time round. Leftovers are gross. Last nights supper as today’s lunch is not appealing. Second hand items are looked down on, we want things brand new. Damaged goods are worth less. We place value to things on how clean and pure they are. Sadly, we allow this to be true even of ourselves. Truth is we are all damaged goods. We are what is leftover from the battles we have faced, the trials we have gone through. The regret we carry and because of this we view ourselves in the same way we view gross left overs and second hand items. Not as valuable as the cleaner and better condition people out there. When I thought of this my mind recalled the lyrics to a song.

These lyrics are from a secular artist by the name of Watsky. He is not a clean rapper. So if you happen to find him on youtube, be warned, there will be language. I lifted these lyrics from a song he has called sloppy seconds. The theme of the song deals with the fact that we all have baggage but that doesn’t make us worth less. Read below;

Read more…

Refuse to let the dust settle

This has been published as an Accepted DPchallenge post.


Oh the sweet Irony! So this challenge is to help us get the dust off things we haven’t touched in a long time. So I thought; ‘”This is it, I can use this as a chance to finally start writing more and publish one of the many many drafts I have saved! Maybe I can do some work on Auburn since it has been delayed” (It is still coming  for those of you who follow the story, we are just exploring the Idea of releasing it in a fully compiled ebook). But instead of doing that, I started another draft, wrote some thoughts down for that and saved it. Creating something else that will collect some dust before it finally ends up getting published. So then I started looking around for other things that need to be published, things that need to have the dust cleared off of them and my eyes fell upon my guitar sitting on my newly acquired stand. I can’t say I actually PLAY guitar it’s more like I OWN a guitar. I started to learn years ago but could never stick to a routine to learn. So I bought a stand and thought that having it right next to me in my study would make me want to play it more. I took it out its case, restrung it, played a few notes and realized it needs tuning and returned it to its case. It hasn’t come out since. Collecting some more dust. Why is that?

Read more…

SnapPost #2 – The rise of a hero

The ! mark

The below is a written for the weekly challenge, let me know what you think.


He looked around as others passed by, pretending that nothing was happening. The man swayed the knife; “Ain’t got all day!” In disbelief he hands over his phone and wallet for the second time that month. “That’s a good boy.” The man gestures with his knife; “Now take a hike!” running back to the car he had suddenly appeared from. The car now speeding off into the distance with what was once his inside. He continued to walk down the road towards work. He heard the whispers of those around him. Those who had been witnesses but had done nothing. “Poor guy”. Why did no help come when he needed it? Others were aware of what was happening but did nothing, just like the last time. In front of him he sees a traffic officer pulling over a taxi that clearly broke several laws. Walking past he sees the officer pocketing some money and hears the taxi driver; “Pleasure doing business with you officer, enjoy your lunch”.  Justice isn’t served. The law is overlooked in favor of a bribe. How long will evil go unchecked? The moral compass of the world must be broken because we are spiralling out of control. Where are the men of integrity that should be leading us? Instead of leaders for us to follow there are only men looking out for themselves.

He walks past an ally where he hears a scream. He sees a pregnant women clinging to her purse while a man tries to pull it away. “Help!” Others walk on. Evil prevails. Good men do nothing. No! He will do something. It’s time that evil be dispelled from prominence, one good act at a time. He grabs a plank with “!” on it and runs in to the ally. The hero rises.

SnapPost #1 – A book from a stranger

The below is a written for the weekly challenge, let me know what you think.


Regaining my balance I now held a scrap of paper and a book in my hand as he walked off without looking back. I read the paper; “This is not a drill! You have one life to live. Don’t waste it, live it well. Read the book.” The book was,

Click the picture to get the book for free!

Feeling Sonder at lunch time.

I looked around me at lunch time. It was busy. People bustling to and fro from the microwave trying to warm up their food. Their stomachs telling them to “hurry up!” Barely any space to get your food ready before sitting down…barely any space to sit down for that matter. My gaze looking at the people sitting down, some talking about a book they read recently. Most however are staring at the little screens in their hands, scrolling, looking at the world out there. Some smiling at what they see. Others frowning at the screen. All of these people so disconnected from each other, sitting at the same table but not talking, staring at their lives on their screens. All these people have their own back stories that I will never know.

Driving home after work I drive passed many people on the side of the road. Looking at them I see them all once again lost in their own worlds. All these people walking with purpose, a purpose I do not know but I am somewhat curious about. There are so many people around me living their own lives, with their own troubles and sorrows and joys. My gaze falls upon a man with a scruffy beard and dirty clothes on, parts of the clothes are torn. He is asking for money. I thought to myself, how does a man end up like that? What is his story?

It was a Sonder moment;

Among all of this I was reminded. Christ knows all these stories. He knows the number of hairs on each persons head. Best of all he knows whose are His people and who is not. I may not know all the stories of the people around me but this one thing I know for sure I belong to Jesus. Do you?

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