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SnapPost #9 – The aspiring ninja

Some nouns used in this story

Some nouns used in this story


So I asked some friends on facebook for some random nouns (underlined in this story) to see what I could come up with as a short story. Let me know what you think!


This story begins with a unicorn and hippo locked in a epic battle of rock paper scissors. While that in and of itself is a very interesting scene and the story of how the two of them got to that point is equally interesting. But that is not the story to be told right now, this story only begins with them as our hero, an aspiring ninja named Mark, is found staring at their statue. He was on a quest you see. Well…at least he called it a quest. Others called it backpacking. Mostly because he carried a backpack the whole time. A backpack out of which his toothbrush was about to make its escape onto the grass from. But Mark wouldn’t notice as he was to focused on his quest which was to explore this land and to encounter a ninja that he would challenge to battle! Why? Well because as we all know if one can survive a battle with a ninja for longer than three minutes you gain their respect and they will train you. Sadly though he had yet to find a ninja. Which he found strange as his baedeker stated clearly that there were ninja‘s all over this part of the land. Right now all he could see was the man across the street scratching his armpit and throwing a beerbottle into a tree which didn’t break the bottle as it landed safely on the grass. It did however cause a leaf or two to be unsettled. The man then seemed to fall over as if struck by an invisible force, and stood up as if he was preparing for battle.

“Pick up the bottle and throw it away Joe or you will get it again”. A man trimming a  tall bush with his aberuncator a few feet away had yelled the words at Joe. “Alright, alright no need for hostility.” Joe picked up the bottle and threw it in a trash can and stumbled off. A young man stood up from a near by bench and began to stretch. He had a big red pimple on his nose, it was very distracting. “Hey you! What are you looking at?” Mark was busted for staring; “Uh, um not your nose..I mean..Sorry. I’m just looking around for a ninja to battle.” The pimpled young man laughed, “Yeah ok, I tell you what I’ll race you to that building over there with the anchor on it and if you get there first I’ll take you to a ninja.” Mark took his backpack off. “Alright lets do this, 1,2,3 GO!” The young man seemed to disappear leaving dust where he was standing. He was incredibly fast. The man trimming the bush laughed. Our hero sighed and sat on the bench. He took out a post card from his backpack and wrote, “Dear mom, no ninja’s yet. Doing a lot of walking so at least I am burning some calories.” If only Mark knew that ninja always hid in plain sight…

Glowing Distractions

“Hey I am talking to you!” he said with his voice filled with frustration bordering on anger.

“I’m sori wat did u say?” suddenly brought back to reality. My plate still rattling from when he banged the table with his fists.

“Can you just put that thing down for five minutes!!?”

“Wat? U mean my phone?”

“Yes, your phone!”

“But y? I am chatting to Joey.”

“Because you are at the dinner table and I am trying to talk to you.”

“Ah c’mon dad…K, fine one sec.” I type on my phone, “Hey Joey, g2g dad want me 2 put my phone dwn, TTYL 😦 ” I then place my phone on the table.

“So y am I not allowed on my phone?” Read more…

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