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Auburn Part 8 – Unhinging Light Finale

Image courtesy of erez-nusem (

Image courtesy of erez-nusem (

Mr Sinister nods at the security guard. “Very well.” Turning to look at me. “If you will excuse me, apparently I have some business to attend to. I shall not be long.” He moves quickly towards the door and exits and the guard closes it behind him.

I could hear them talking in a hushed tone outside, unable to make anything out I moved closer. I faintly heard Mr Sinister’s voice “These are not as urgent as you made them sound. I can solve the first with a phone call and the second I assure you there is time, but I will retrieve what is needed while I make the call. Stay here.” Mr Sinister’s figure moved off down the passage. Hearing his footsteps growing fainter I thought to myself how differently all this could have turned out had I reached the editor first. Now I was stuck in this room facing the choice of joining a mad man or death while guarded by someone I thought was a ally. Looking at his figure through the frosted glass of the door angered me…”All I wanted was one heroic act before I died!”. The security guard banged on the door. “Shut up in there”.

My former ally may have never believed in my idea of getting justice with my last breath but I still did. I could only think of one way to do that and that was to expose this man’s plot. But first I had to get out of here, I could agree to join him and offer to get the laptop as a gesture of allegiance and then make my way to the editor I spoke to earlier, but why would he trust me? He would send some muscle with me to make sure I didn’t back stab him. Could I escape from here any other way, I noticed a loose ceiling panel near the door, maybe I could get out of here that way. My heart swelled with hope at the idea but then sunk almost instantaneously as I heard footsteps once again. There was no time.

The security guard opened the door and Mr Sinister, holding his briefcase, walked in and turned to the  guard “You may join us for this part of the discussion”. The guard stepped in and closed the door behind him.

Mr Sinister placed the briefcase on the table and looking at me through the thin slits of his mask began to speak. “As I am sure you can understand I am a busy man and I need to have a meeting to insure a…contingency is put in the right place.” He tapped his briefcase. “Therefore the time has now come for you to decide. Will you be joining me in my endeavor to better the city or will you be going gentle into the good night?” He waited for me to respond, the security guard standing behind him staring at me. I started to think out loud; “Considering the innocent lives I know you have destroyed so far and the plan you have in mind why do you need me? Aren’t I just another casualty of change to you?” Read more…


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