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Advent: 13 December

At this point in time you may have already heard or asked the question; “What do you want for Christmas?”. Well if you are anything like me that could be one really long and expensive list of things. My wish list is really long. But as I consider that question I have tried to flip it and ask the question; “What would I want other to have for Christmas?”. That list could also be rather long, there is a good deal of need around us. But I have boiled it down to one thing that I would want for myself and others. That one thing is to treasure Jesus Christ and give him the glory.

When all things are unwrapped this year and all the ‘thank you’s” and ‘you shouldn’t have’s’ have been said I want to be thankful for the greatest gift of Christ my saviour. I want to praise him as I remember what this day is supposed to represent. This season should be a time that we reflect on Christ’s love for us and grow in our love for him. So that is what I want for myself and for others to experience this year. A moment of reflection as I remember what this day is supposed to represent. Last year I shared an article called “What does Jesus want for Christmas” by desiring God with a similar theme which helps to drive this point home. Enjoy.

I need to write

Life in light Is typing - Copy

I need to write. I am called to write, this isn’t just something to do to pass the time. I am not forced to do this. But I am compelled. I need to. I need to string these shapes that we call letters together to form words which then forms sentences. Those sentences then make up a paragraph and so this act grows bigger and bigger.

As I write, thoughts are conveyed, images painted emotions express and stories told. I need to write. It’s beautiful to think of the act of writing. I can build worlds, filled with wonderful creatures never heard of before. A world of amazing sunsets but frightful nights. A world with villains out to do harm and a hero that sacrifices all to protect it. I can write about a perfect world that we all fall in love with as we journey together through its deep and wonderful history and then I can suddenly end it all with a chaotic explosion as a meteor crashes into it leaving nothing. I can create all this just through the act of writing. This is the closest to creating something out of nothing as I can get. I need to write.

I need to write about issues that really matter. I need to write to encourage others to apply their minds and to warn them to not be sucked into the stup(id)or this world wants us to be in. I can speak truth through my writing. I can help others through writing. I can build others up. I can help shape thought. I can challenge paradigms. I can stir others into action. I can maybe, just maybe, make the world a better place for just one person through writing.

I need to write. I’m called to write. I…will…write. May God be glorified as I write.

Can you imagine?

I recently read the story of Blake Ross and how he discovered that he has aphantasia.

“What is that?”, you may be wondering. Well Blake recounts his story of discovery and explains his experience in the full (and lengthy) article here should you want to read it. If you don’t want to read it then here is the TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) version below.

Aphantasia is the absence of fantasy. Aphantasia is when the visual portion of a brain doesn’t function. This means that Blake is unable to project an image within his mind. He explains it like this;

If you tell me to imagine a beach, I ruminate on the “concept” of a beach. I know there’s sand. I know there’s water. I know there’s a sun, maybe a lifeguard. I know facts about beaches. I know a beach when I see it, and I can do verbal gymnastics with the word itself. But I cannot flash to beaches I’ve visited. I have no visual, audio, emotional or otherwise sensory experience. I have no capacity to create any kind of mental image of a beach, whether I close my eyes or open them, whether I’m reading the word in a book…
This blows my mind, the very act of reading the above triggers the visual portion of my mind. He mentions sand and I can immediately see it. I can recall and even ‘feel’ the texture. I can ‘see’, ‘hear’ and even ‘smell’ the water on a beach in my mind. Images fly into my mind with ease. But for Blake, there is nothing. He knows the facts, but that is all. The rest of the experience is completely foreign to him. Wow. He also says this about fiction;
I “imagine” scripts conceptually as described earlier. It’s easier to write for characters that have already been realized on the screen, especially when so many of them share my dry, sarcastic personality. If you reread the Silicon Valley script, you’ll find it’s heavy on ideas (what if a lawyer had a clock that counted money not time? what if Erlich compiled interview questions while stoned?) and light on descriptive language. Same with the Theranos parody. Overall, I find writing fiction torturous. All writers say this, obviously, but I’ve come to realize that they usually mean the “writing” part: They can’t stop daydreaming long enough to put it on the page. I love the writing and hate the imagining…
Now I know I am not a prolific writer but I could simply not fathom the concept of not creating fiction. Many of my stories die before they leave my mind but much of my dialogue is done with characters and situations I make up on the fly for humour. I honestly don’t know how I would function if I couldn’t picture those situations in my mind. Sure Blake got on fine for 30 years without the ability to picture things and he has accomplished a great deal (he was the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox) but there is a dimension in life that he will never experience. This makes me appreciate something that I took for granted all these years.
I have the ability to imagine and create crazy situations in my mind. I can randomly create a purple and blue spotted fuzzy monster with a bow on their left ear holding a sign that says ‘free hugs’.  I just did that, I just crafted that image on the fly in mind (and it is adorable by the way). This is a gift. I have been blessed with the ability to imagine and to create. Each of us with this ability should be thankful that the Lord has given this to us. As with all gifts, we should appreciate it and use it. Now that I know that this isn’t something I should be taking for granted. It changes my perspective. I must not waste this gift. This is gift that I need to use wisely. Write because we are blessed with the ease to do so. Write in such a way as to reflect the wondrous and supreme creator God. Sola Deo Gloria. Even in my writing.

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