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Dear Son – Letter 1

Dear Son

Hi, I am your father. Wow, that is funny to type, because it’s true and because of the Star Wars reference. Star Wars? Well, you are too young to get that reference but trust me it was good.

The truth that I am now a father hasn’t fully sunk in just yet. I barely understand how to adult properly and now I have another life to take care of. That’s intimidating! But trust me, son. I want the best for you.

Right now you are small. Ity-bity. And so I can say that I want you to grow up to be a big, strong and most importantly a godly man. Oh, sure we are going to argue. You are going to disagree with me on a few things I am sure. Your hairstyle or your room. Maybe your friends or your music. That’s fine, as long as we both remember this. I want the best for you.

I want to protect you from this world and its entanglements. I want to help you fight sin, even when you don’t want to fight it yourself. I want to guide you towards the narrow path. Because, my boy. I want the best for you. I want you to know the supreme creator and to love him as we, your parents, do. Because that’s how I know I was a good dad. If I helped you to see and savor God the Father in all his glory and to love His son our savior. Then I know I have done my job.

My son, I don’t know what the future holds. I do know that at some point I am going to disappoint you somehow. It might be in my lack of being able to sport, or something else. But I hope you know and I want you to feel that I love you. Forgive me when I wrong you, please. It’s going to happen. But remember. I want the best for you.

Welcome, Malachi Mark Armstrong.


Advent: 6 December

The Skitguys are back asking a helpful question.What do you hope for this Christmas?

Musical Monday #17 – Never Let Go (The David Crowder Band)

A helpful reminder that we are in God hands no matter what.

Musical Monday #15 – God Of This City (Chris Tomlin)

Recently I heard this one at a missions conference I attended and was reminded how much I loved it. I then had a discussion with someone about immigrating to another country and this song immediately came to mind. There are greater things yet to be done in this area of the vineyard! I hope this song encourages you that regardless of how things look politically or socially. God is at work!

Musical Monday #13 Glorious Day – Casting Crowns (Worship Song with Lyrics)

Another great Casting Crowns song. This reminds us of how God is active in history, past and future.

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