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Just Quote’n – John MacArthur #3

[1 John 3:2]

By nature, Simon Peter was brash, vacillating, and undependable. He tended to make promises he couldn’t follow through with and appeared to lunge wholeheartedly into something only to bail out before finishing. When Jesus first met Simon, He gave him the nickname Peter, which means “Rock.” It appears He wanted the new name to be perpetual reminder to him about who he should be. Whenever He called him Rock, the Lord was commending His student for acting the way he ought to be acting.

When the Lord calls a disciple, He not only knows who he or she is, He also knows who he or she should be – and will be. If He can make a vacillating character like Peter as stable as a rock, He can also transform our character flaws and make us stand at the very point where we would otherwise fail. Thus His strength is perfected in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Have you seen that pattern in your own spiritual growth?

-MacArthur in “From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary” devotional


Just Quote’n – John MacArthur #2

Luke 5:31-32

Mathew, the former tax collector (who was sometimes called Levi), was considered one of the most despicable people in Israel before Jesus called him. He had taken a job with the Roman government to extort taxes from his own people – and that tax money went to pay for the Roman occupation army. To make matters worse, tax collectors commonly took more money than the Romans required and lined their pockets with the difference. So, the fact that Jesus dined with tax collectors, and then chose one of them to join his inner circle of disciples, did not sit well with the religious elite.

Does something in your past cause you to doubt your worthiness to be a disciple of Jesus? If so , you’re exactly the kind of disciple He sought, found, saved, trained, and then appointed to represent Him. His grace gives you all the “qualification” you need to become an extraordinary asset in the cause of Christ.


Just Quote’n – John MacArthur #1

[Mark 2:15]

…The Lord doesn’t want mass-produced disciples off an assembly line. He wants followers of all race, vocations, social classes, personality types, and interests. He wants variety in His kingdom because the human race reflects His creative range.

Perhaps you don’t fit the stereotypical mould of a Christ-follower (whatever that looks like). Good! Don’t change a thing, unless it’s immoral, unhealthy, or obnoxious. Whether you stand out in a crowd or blend in with the scenery, the Lord wants you with Him. And who knows? You may be surprised to discover how your uniqueness becomes an unexpected benefit for His kingdom.

-MacArthur in “From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary” devotional

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