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Musical Monday #40 – Somewhere in the middle (Casting Crowns)

We find ourselves in the middle of the year right now this song popped up and reminded me of being in the middle in a spiritual world. How long will we allow ourselves to be caught in the middle?

Musical Monday #39 – Second Chance (Rend Collective)

This musical Monday is from a Irish band called the Rend Collective that I have recently discovered. This song helps me to be thankful for second chances.

Musical Monday #38 – Compassion Hymn (Keith and Kristyn Getty)

Another simple lyric video. The words of this hymn are just powerful. Enjoy.

Musical Monday #37 – You Are Lord (Jeanne Marie) [Lyric Video]

I couldn’t find a video of this song on youtube so I made this lyric video. Read the words, hear the words and enjoy.

Musical Monday #36 – Marked By Reformation (Preson Phillips)

So I couldn’t find an actually video for the song but I managed to get the audio for it. I have added the lyrics below if you want to read them. Listen and enjoy

Hear these words,
I’m standing here,
to voice my faults, admit my fears.

I’m crying loud,
so You can hear.
Cup Your hand, and bend Your ear.

Savior come,
and set me free.
This heavy load,
remove from me

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Musical Monday #35 – All because of Jesus (Casting Crowns)

Musical Monday’s back again, here we have Casting Crowns singing All because of Jesus.

Advent: 12 December

Yesterday, I attended our church service and as we sung songs I noticed that all the songs we sung were themed around the Christmas season. Music, in case you didn’t know by the 30+ songs I have shared here already, is one of the things I deeply enjoy.  I enjoy how music can express and create emotion in us. One of the things I like about this season is the songs. No, I’m not talking about Jingle bells. Rather I am talking about songs like silent night. Good, Christian, songs that speak about the joy of our king coming to earth, songs that speak about the reason for this season.

The best part? You can find these songs playing in the malls and on radio stations that wouldn’t normally play such gospel saturated matrial. Sure there is a really good question as to why secular radio would play this type of music but I would say rather think of how you can use it to start a conversation you wouldn’t normally instead. This type of music warms my heart when I hear it. Let your heart be warmed by the classic songs as we meditate on the truth they contain.

Silent night, holy night
Son of God
Love’s pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus Lord at thy birth
Jesus Lord at thy birth

Musical Monday #33 – Be Thou My vision (Chelsea Moon)

This hymn is one of my favorites. I love these lyrics. Listen and enjoy

Musical Monday #32 – It’s Called Christmas with A Capital C (Go Fish)

Happy Holiday’s…No I mean Merry Christmas. Enjoy.

Musical Monday #31 – Hallelujah! What A Savior (Ascend the Hill)

Ascend the Hill again, doesn’t seem to be a very well known group to most people but the album I have and listened to has always been uplifting. Enjoy.

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