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Finding the question to the answer 42

So according to Douglas Adams and google the answer to “life the universe and everything” is 42. There is a whole bunch of interesting facts about this number, check them out here, be warned though, that video is pretty nerdy. But truth be told the answer is lacking, there is no real substance to the answer, and not knowing the question that goes with it leaves us still very confused. There may be a part of us that really wishes we could just accept the answer as 42 and move on with our lives. Personally I think that was part of Douglas Adams point. Pretty much as if he was saying;

“We don’t know the answer to the question but who cares? It doesn’t matter. Stop thinking about it!”

But try as we might, by virtue of the fact that so many over the years have asked the question speaks of something deeper within us. It is an echo of eternity within out hearts reminding us of something of far more importance than what the world is trying to sell. Truth be told, we ask this question because we are CREATED to do so. So allow me to introduce you to the REAL question and answer that literally changes lives…

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Free Kindle books by R.C Sproul

I recently discovered a series of books on Amazon by R.C Sproul called “Crucial Questions” dealing with various topics of the Christian faith.

These books are FREE for anyone with a Kindle device to download.  I am posting this link directly to where you can find the books Amazon store. Enjoy!

P.S If you don’t have a kindle you can still download and use these through the Kindle app on most Android devices!


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