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The year past and the year to come

How appropriate it is that this year’s New Year’s eve falls on a Thursday. Lending itself to one big Throw back Thursday.
I took a look at my year in summary on this blog and got some really interesting facts. I had a total of 2400 views this year that’s a decent number of humans that stumbled upon my site.  I added 41 (now 42) new posts to the site. That is not a bad number but if you compare it to my drafts however…I then I noticed that I only wrote and published one story of Ke!th this year. Wow so Ke!th is over a year old. If you don’t know what that story is about you can get a vague idea by looking at this link. Keith is a Work in Progress that Nthato and I are working on, hopefully you will see more of that world in 2016. Speaking about works in progress…well that phrase is the name of another project that you can keep your eye out for next year. If you want to see some more stats about this blog check this link

So..what else happened this year? Uh…well I made 42 new friends on facebook, that something right? Interesting that the number 42 to seems to be popping up. It is not on purpose so Don’t Panic. Just keep your towel handy. hitchhiker guide jokes aside. What else happened, a lot happened, life offline was a busy one. I lead a bible study and a family bible hour (adult Sunday school type of thing). I watched my youth group grow and mature as we digested Proverbs together. All of which was very rewarding. The Lord worked in my life in many ways. I have read some great books, had deep conversations and listened to powerful sermons all of which have helped me to grow in faith and have made me a better man than the year before. So I look forward to next year.

What do I, and you dear reader have to look forward to in 2016. I have already mentioned Ke!th, I intended to write and develop this story more with Nthato next year. I also said there is another project called works in progress which you will hear more of next year. I and Nthato are also considering turning a previous collaboration into a book so that might happen real soon. There is also a chance, not a big chance but a chance that I will attempt to partake in NaNoWriMo this year. That is just the creative writing side of things I want to do, there are some other items that I would like to write about but that will come. Somewhere in all of this I am also holding down a full job in IT that requires me to study, and I will be writing an exam for that in this coming year, so if I go quiet for awhile you will know why. On top of all of that I am most excited for the unknown. I’m excited for how the Lord intends to use me within my local church and how intends to use the local church within me.
TLDR; 2015 was a good year but I was not so busy online. 2016 I intended to write a bunch of things so expect to see more of me soon. Thank the Lord for each year as He gives us things to enjoy and chances to glorfy his name.

Feeling Sonder at lunch time.

I looked around me at lunch time. It was busy. People bustling to and fro from the microwave trying to warm up their food. Their stomachs telling them to “hurry up!” Barely any space to get your food ready before sitting down…barely any space to sit down for that matter. My gaze looking at the people sitting down, some talking about a book they read recently. Most however are staring at the little screens in their hands, scrolling, looking at the world out there. Some smiling at what they see. Others frowning at the screen. All of these people so disconnected from each other, sitting at the same table but not talking, staring at their lives on their screens. All these people have their own back stories that I will never know.

Driving home after work I drive passed many people on the side of the road. Looking at them I see them all once again lost in their own worlds. All these people walking with purpose, a purpose I do not know but I am somewhat curious about. There are so many people around me living their own lives, with their own troubles and sorrows and joys. My gaze falls upon a man with a scruffy beard and dirty clothes on, parts of the clothes are torn. He is asking for money. I thought to myself, how does a man end up like that? What is his story?

It was a Sonder moment;

Among all of this I was reminded. Christ knows all these stories. He knows the number of hairs on each persons head. Best of all he knows whose are His people and who is not. I may not know all the stories of the people around me but this one thing I know for sure I belong to Jesus. Do you?

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