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The Jock & Hipster Part 4

“Ok Josh take this rope and tie Nina up for the trip.” Kyle said to Josh.

It was with little to no difficulty that Kyle gave the order concerning Nina to Josh. Josh obeyed without question, moving closer to Nina. Nina knew that there was no escape, she was trapped. While surprised she would die at the hands of two men she once considered friends she was determined not beg. She mustered up all the courage she could and staring into the face of Josh, she said;

“And so this grand adventure ends” and bowed.

Kyle’s eyes widened as he heard Nina say those words.

Josh was suddenly awake, holding a rope in his hands and staring at Nina who appeared panicked.

“Nina, What are you? Where are –

– “I really wish she hadn’t used that phrase. Things were going so well until she uttered those six words.” Kyle interrupted with a heavy sigh from behind Josh.

Josh was so confused, his heart was racing as if he had been exercising; he felt the adrenaline rushing through him. Pure exhilaration. The bedroom door had clearly been broken down. But he had no idea what was going on;

“Kyle, what in the world is going on? How did we get here?”

Kyle stepped backwards. “Well, Josh all good things have to come to an end and since we are now at our partnership’s unfortunate end I suppose I owe you an explanation.” Read more…

The Jock & Hipster Part 3

Josh waited outside his dorm for Kyle to arrive. He was supposed to be there at 7pm so they could meet up with their other friends for the study session and practise. He looked at his watch. It was 7.23pm. Which had him slightly curious as to what was going on because Kyle was always on time almost to the minute. For him to be this late was very strange. Perhaps he should call him. As he took his cellphone out his pocket he noticed a familiar figure coming around the corner. Skinny jeans, brushed back hair and thick brimmed glasses.

“Hey hipster! You are late!” Josh shouted. He then noticed that Kyle seemed to be limping. As he got closer Josh could see that Kyle had a split lip.

“Hey, you know it’s not nice to call people names you big jock.” Kyle said shaking Josh’s hand.

“Kyle, what happened to your lip man! Did someone do that to you?”.

“No worries Josh, it is just a minor injury.” He tapped him on the shoulder.

Are you sure Kyle? It doesn’t look too good and where is your bag?”.

“Yes I’m sure, seriously, it is nothing. We will just need to grab my bag quick, won’t take long. Now -” Kyle smiled at him. “ – Let us go on an adventure my good man.”


Josh walked by the notice board and a missing person flyer caught his eye. He looked closer and then realized where he had seen the face before. It looked like the guy from the club that had gotten too close to Nina. There were a few missing person notices up, three other people Josh recognized but only because they were infamous for being connected to drugs and gangs in the area. They probably crossed the wrong people, never to be found again. Josh thought.

Josh’s cellphone rang, taking it out of his pocket he saw Kyle’s name on the screen. “Oh hey hipster. How you doing?”

“Josh, Nina just told me it’s over.”

“What? Ahh Kyle, I’m sorry man what happened? You want to meet up?”

There was a pause. “I’d like that Josh, can we meet at your place?”


Josh began to prepare some coffee for Kyle’s arrival. He had no idea how he was going to help his friend. He didn’t even know that there were issues between Nina and Kyle. But he would try his best to ease the blow. Somehow.

Knock, Knock

“Josh, it’s Kyle.” Kyle called out.

Josh opened the door. “Hey bud, how you holding up? I was sure you would want some coffee so I started making it.” Josh walked back into the kitchen while Kyle sat on the sofa.

“Coffee might help. Thanks.” Kyle said with a deflated tone.

Josh set the coffee down in front of Kyle and took a sip of his own while trying to figure out how to ask the obvious question. “So…like…What happened dude?”

Kyle sighed. “Well the short version is…drugs.” There was a pause before Kyle continued; “You know how she always hated drugs because of her past. So she was at my place earlier today and she was looking for her keys and…Well she found some drugs. She didn’t even give me a chance to explain anything she just threw them into my face and said she could never see me again and then she left.”

Josh was shocked; this was a side of Kyle that he didn’t know existed. What on earth was he doing with drugs? He couldn’t possibly be using could he? As shocking as that information was, Josh was here to look after his friend not to judge him. A time would come when the topic of what Kyle was doing with the drugs could be discussed. For now Josh was focused on comforting Kyle with the break up. “I am sorry man, I know you really like her. Do you think that you could patch things up?”

Kyle shook his head. “I highly doubt it; her hate for drugs is way too high. She turned her own dad in just to escape from the cycle, remember?” As the words left his mouth a look of concern appeared on his face.

Josh realized the same thing. “You don’t think she would turn you in as well do you?”

Kyle stood up, “I think we need to go see her, maybe we can get to her before she says anything. Let us go on an adventure my good man.”

NOTE: This is a part of a short series that you will find here every second Tuesday. Click here for all parts of the series.

The Jock & Hipster Part 2

Sitting at his favourite coffee shop on campus early on Sunday morning, Josh was satisfying his craving for a mint latte, which was strange as he normally never really liked mint lattes. He thought of the day ahead and was looking forward to a day of catching up on his studies and TV series. Although, he should probably ease up on the crime shows he thought, considering his dreams of late. It felt so real when he was beating that man with a steel pipe and pushed the body over the pier.

“Hey Josh, I thought I would spot you here!” Kyle walked in carrying a bulky bag snapping Josh out of the memory of his dream.

“Oh hey Kyle, uh what’s with the bag? There are no classes today.” Kyle sat down and ordered a mint latte, his favourite, from the waiter.

“Oh this? It is not for class. It is…uh…for something else, something off campus.”

Josh laughed, “Taking laundry home to mom are you?”

Kyle laughed. “Yeah, taking care of dirty stuff I guess. So anyway, How about we hang out together for a while?”

“I am not particularly keen to go sort out laundry at your mom’s dude. I got my heart set on relaxing at home and catching up on some studies.”

Kyle took a sip of his latte and shook his head; “No man, not for that, I thought maybe we can catch a movie or find out what is happening at The Corner of B. You know, just do something fun before we hit the books tomorrow.”

“No thanks Kyle, I think I am pretty happy to spend the day at home, I’m broke so movies aren’t happening and The Corner of B has had some shady characters hanging around there these days.” Josh said shacking his head.

Kyle sighed, “Come on Josh; Let us go on an adventure my good man.”


The blood was all over his favourite shoes. But it was OK, he was enjoying himself too much to care. He watched the man running away. Should he chase him? He gripped the small pipe he had in his hands, it was light. He could hit the guy from here no doubt. Taking aim at his head he threw the pipe and watched as it spun in the air towards the man.

*Knock, knock*

He was startled awake, there was someone at his door. He was both relieved to have been brought out of the dream and slightly sad because he wanted to know if he would have hit his target. Come to think of it, he hadn’t seen those shoes in a while.

“Joshy! Open the door, we got to get moving if we going to get to the club before the big rush and entrance price goes up!” The female voice on the other side of the door called.

“Yeah Josh you big jock, listen to Nina. Let’s get a move on bud!” Kyle said loudly through the door.

“Kyle, you can’t call people names like that! It’s not nice.” Nina said with surprise to Kyle.

“He knows how to take a joke honey.” Kyle replied.

Josh chuckled at the conversation on the other side of the door as he walked to open it. “Hey you two, sorry about the wait I decided to catch some Z’s so I would be fresh for tonight. Come on in, I just need to grab my wallet and put some gel in my hair.” Nina hugged Josh as she walked in.

“I’m supposed to be the pretty boy Josh, not you remember.” Kyle said as he shook Josh’s hand.

Read more…

The Jock & Hipster Part 1

Josh woke up on a couch. His left hand’s knuckles were covered in fresh scabs from a recent wound, and his head was throbbing. He got off the couch as he heard the toilet down the passage flush; he wasn’t alone. Who else was in this place with him? How did he end up on this couch? He looked around the room for a weapon; an umbrella. Really? Better than nothing. He grabbed it. Watching the corridor, his heart began to beat faster. The door opened. Out emerged a man wearing skinny jeans, a checkered shirt, thick brimmed glasses and brushed back hair.

“Kyle! You gave me a fright, I was…” He waved the umbrella in the air.

“You were going to shield me from rain?” Kyle chuckled. “Glad to see you are awake bud, that was some party last night. I’m going to make some coffee if you want some?”

“Coffee sounds good yeah.” Josh said as he set the umbrella down. “Two sugars and milk please.” Kyle walked into the living room, hit play on his stereo and walked into the kitchen. Josh didn’t recognise the band that was playing at all but that was the norm whenever Kyle played music. The smell of coffee soon filled the air.

“So, I take it that I crashed on your couch after the party?” Josh asked after his first sip of coffee.

“Well there was no way you could have made it home last night. So since we were so close to my place we decided to just get here and crash for the night. Which was already a big ask for you I thought, but we got here.” Kyle responded. “How are you feeling by the way? How are your ribs?”

At the mention of his ribs Josh touched his sides and discovered that he was bruised on his left side.

“Ouch! How did that happen?”

Kyle laughed, “You decided that you could fly…and discovered you were wrong. As usual.” Josh knew Kyle was right. Josh always ended up with a bruise after one of their adventures, but he always recovered quickly. Kyle on the other hand never seemed the worse for wear after their adventures.

“Anyway, it’s time for us to get to class. So let’s get moving. You know how I love psychology.”

NOTE: This is a part of a short series that you will find here every second Tuesday. Click here for all parts of the series.

SnapPost #11 – Black badge’s (Ke!th universe)

This story was inspired by a #2bitTues twitter session earlier this month. Normally I write a few random bite size stories to fit the theme of the week, but this week I started with this tweet 2bitTues Image 1 which sparked my imagination so I followed it up with this one;2bitTues Image 2Since that last tweet the story has just kept growing in my head. It has now gotten to a point that it has now claimed a spot as part of a larger story project I am writing called Ke!th. So I am now writing the story it triggered below. Please let me know what you think.


Each badge meant something, blue for normal access, red for backstage. Everyone wanted red. Then there was the black one. The black badge was rare. The few that had one had sworn not to reveal its significance. I was surprised when I got one. There was a simple note within the envelope that my badge was delivered in.

“This will open a door hidden behind the black curtain that hangs across from the main hall’s entrance.” The rest, I suppose I was going to discover behind the door…

I wore that black badge with pride on the day of the event. Those around me looking at it in envy and curiosity.

The man sitting next to me in the first session said.“Hey man, I didn’t see the black badge on the site, how did you buy it? How is it different from the blue and red ones?”

All I could do was smile and say; “Sorry man, I can’t tell you that.” To be truthful I still had no idea what it was for. At that point I hadn’t entered the door yet. I just gave him the same answer I knew the other black badges would give. I had planned to go to the door right after that session was over though. I couldn’t wait.

As the session finished, I tried to walk as casual as I could to the location of the hidden door. But my phone beeped as I neared the curtain. The text had two words from a strange number. “Not active.” I thought it must be a wrong number. But as I got closer to the curtain I was tapped on the shoulder and I turned around to see a man with a stern look on his face. He was also wearing a black badge and he said “I know you are new to the badge so let me help you out. If you get a message saying Not active it means the door wont open. If the text says Active then you can enter. This door will become active around lunch. See you later.” And then He began to walk away. I was thankful for the information but had a lot more questions to ask him so I went after him and said;

“Hi, uh..thank you for that information but could you tell me more? What is behind the door and –” Before I could finish my sentence he stopped and looked at me with his stern face again and replied;

“You will have to wait until the door is active to learn more. Also, black badges don’t speak to each other outside the doors, we don’t want attention. Until later” And he walked away. Now I’m sure you can imagine that I couldn’t wait for lunch.

Keith nodded at Alex, keen to hear more of his story. “Well I–” Alex’s cellphone rang and he answered. Keith looked around the empty canteen while he waited for Alex to finish his conversation on the phone. Alex put the phone down and stood up. “Sorry Keith, I will tell you more later. That was one of the guys from upstairs. They have some 9-1-1 type of emergency that they want my help with.”

SnapPost #9 – The aspiring ninja

Some nouns used in this story

Some nouns used in this story


So I asked some friends on facebook for some random nouns (underlined in this story) to see what I could come up with as a short story. Let me know what you think!


This story begins with a unicorn and hippo locked in a epic battle of rock paper scissors. While that in and of itself is a very interesting scene and the story of how the two of them got to that point is equally interesting. But that is not the story to be told right now, this story only begins with them as our hero, an aspiring ninja named Mark, is found staring at their statue. He was on a quest you see. Well…at least he called it a quest. Others called it backpacking. Mostly because he carried a backpack the whole time. A backpack out of which his toothbrush was about to make its escape onto the grass from. But Mark wouldn’t notice as he was to focused on his quest which was to explore this land and to encounter a ninja that he would challenge to battle! Why? Well because as we all know if one can survive a battle with a ninja for longer than three minutes you gain their respect and they will train you. Sadly though he had yet to find a ninja. Which he found strange as his baedeker stated clearly that there were ninja‘s all over this part of the land. Right now all he could see was the man across the street scratching his armpit and throwing a beerbottle into a tree which didn’t break the bottle as it landed safely on the grass. It did however cause a leaf or two to be unsettled. The man then seemed to fall over as if struck by an invisible force, and stood up as if he was preparing for battle.

“Pick up the bottle and throw it away Joe or you will get it again”. A man trimming a  tall bush with his aberuncator a few feet away had yelled the words at Joe. “Alright, alright no need for hostility.” Joe picked up the bottle and threw it in a trash can and stumbled off. A young man stood up from a near by bench and began to stretch. He had a big red pimple on his nose, it was very distracting. “Hey you! What are you looking at?” Mark was busted for staring; “Uh, um not your nose..I mean..Sorry. I’m just looking around for a ninja to battle.” The pimpled young man laughed, “Yeah ok, I tell you what I’ll race you to that building over there with the anchor on it and if you get there first I’ll take you to a ninja.” Mark took his backpack off. “Alright lets do this, 1,2,3 GO!” The young man seemed to disappear leaving dust where he was standing. He was incredibly fast. The man trimming the bush laughed. Our hero sighed and sat on the bench. He took out a post card from his backpack and wrote, “Dear mom, no ninja’s yet. Doing a lot of walking so at least I am burning some calories.” If only Mark knew that ninja always hid in plain sight…

SnapPost #3 -The story of a porcupine and tacos

Some nouns used in this story

Some nouns used in this story

The below is written for the weekly challenge. I asked friends for some random nouns (underlined in this story) and created a story out of them. Let me know what you think!

He had been hiding in a corner of the ceiling in the library for a long time. Yes, Yoshi the ninja porcupine was on yet another mission, awaiting his prey. But as highly trained as he was he couldn’t help but be distracted by the man rocking on WhatsApp screenhis chair at the table just below him. This man was a piece of work, sitting there with his hat on skew on purpose, visible armpit sweat stains on his shirt and a wristwatch that ticked so loudly it drove Yoshi mad. What made it worse was that he kept sneaking pickles out his bag, eating them, licking his fingers and then turning the page of the book he was reading. In a library, what disrespect this man had for other people and public property. One of the things Yoshi hated was disrespect for the rules, second only to dirty books and maybe toe-jam, because that is just gross, filthy human feet, bleeg! Come to think of it Yoshi hated a lot of things, that’s why he became a ninja, and not an artist like his father wanted. Staring at a canvas trying to paint a flower he would hate that. This guy however with his pickles and ticking watch was getting closer and closer to the top of Yoshi’s list right now. Yoshi wanted to wipe him out of existence. The world would be a better place without him, death by a quill to the throat it would be.

But he was on a mission, he had to wait for the man with the apparatus designed to take over people’s minds to show up and stop him from selling it. Operation padlock must succeed! It was just then when the man walked in, the apparatus tucked under his arm. A picture of a kickstand on his t-shirt. Yoshi dropped down right in front of him, quill in hand, “It is time to die fiend!” The man looked Yoshi in the eye and opened his mouth and said “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP” it was at that point that Frank woke up and switched off his alarm and made a mental note not to eat tacos so late at night ever again.

SnapPost #2 – The rise of a hero

The ! mark

The below is a written for the weekly challenge, let me know what you think.


He looked around as others passed by, pretending that nothing was happening. The man swayed the knife; “Ain’t got all day!” In disbelief he hands over his phone and wallet for the second time that month. “That’s a good boy.” The man gestures with his knife; “Now take a hike!” running back to the car he had suddenly appeared from. The car now speeding off into the distance with what was once his inside. He continued to walk down the road towards work. He heard the whispers of those around him. Those who had been witnesses but had done nothing. “Poor guy”. Why did no help come when he needed it? Others were aware of what was happening but did nothing, just like the last time. In front of him he sees a traffic officer pulling over a taxi that clearly broke several laws. Walking past he sees the officer pocketing some money and hears the taxi driver; “Pleasure doing business with you officer, enjoy your lunch”.  Justice isn’t served. The law is overlooked in favor of a bribe. How long will evil go unchecked? The moral compass of the world must be broken because we are spiralling out of control. Where are the men of integrity that should be leading us? Instead of leaders for us to follow there are only men looking out for themselves.

He walks past an ally where he hears a scream. He sees a pregnant women clinging to her purse while a man tries to pull it away. “Help!” Others walk on. Evil prevails. Good men do nothing. No! He will do something. It’s time that evil be dispelled from prominence, one good act at a time. He grabs a plank with “!” on it and runs in to the ally. The hero rises.

SnapPost #1 – A book from a stranger

The below is a written for the weekly challenge, let me know what you think.


Regaining my balance I now held a scrap of paper and a book in my hand as he walked off without looking back. I read the paper; “This is not a drill! You have one life to live. Don’t waste it, live it well. Read the book.” The book was,

Click the picture to get the book for free!

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