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Just Quote’n – Ravi Zacharias #1

Below is a simple quote that reminds us on how we are to treat temptation. We must resist and flee from that which would tempt us lest it overcome us.

It is better to shun the bait than to struggle in the snare.

-Ravi Zacharias


Just Quote’n (Gilbert) #3

“Put simply, the Bible tells us that Jesus us both completely human and completely God. This is a crucial point to understand about him, for it is only the fully human, fully divine Son of God who can save us. If Jesus were just another man – like us in every respect, including our fallenness and sin he would no more be able to save us than one dead man can save another. But because he is the Son of God, without sin and equal in every divine perfection to God the Father, he is able to defeat death and save us from our sin. In the same way, it is also critical that Jesus be truly one of us -that is, fully human – so that he can rightly represent us before his Father. As Hebrew 4:15 explains, Jesus is able “sympathize with our weaknesses” because he “in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.”

– Greg Gilbert in What is the Gospel?

Slow Fade – Casting Crowns

We recently heard a sermon at out church about drifting away from the faith and this song immediately sprang to mind. Christian, be careful when you think you stand strong lest you fall (1 Cor 10:12).

Do not flirt with sin.  You do not become spiritually bankrupt over night it is a slow process. Keep watch for spiritual erosion, stay faithful to your local church body and devotions. Should you want to hear a excellent sermon on this topic you can download one here for free.

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