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Musical Monday #45 – Call It Grace (Unspoken)

This is a reminder of one simple truth we must remind ourselves of regularly. We are trophies of grace. No matter the chaos flying around me this song just reminds me of this one simple thing. I have received the grace of God. That is comforting. Enjoy.

Musical Monday #44 – Perfect Wisdom of Our God (Keith and Kristyn Getty)

We sing this one regularly at my church and I find the words very profound. I am thankful for the perfect wisdom of God that turns even my sorrow into a something wonderful in His story of grace.

Advent: 15 December

Here is another Skitguys video (they are just so good ok, gosh)

Advent: 3 December

Today is just a video by the Skitguys, Funny but thoughtful approach on the Christmas season.

Musical Monday #31 – Hallelujah! What A Savior (Ascend the Hill)

Ascend the Hill again, doesn’t seem to be a very well known group to most people but the album I have and listened to has always been uplifting. Enjoy.

Musical Monday #21 – One Truth One Life (The Neverclaim)

Another Neverclaim song. Essential truth sung very well..

Musical Monday #19 – I Will Glory In My Redeemer (Austin Stone)

Praise God for the redeemer.

Musical Monday #18 – In Christ alone (Owl City)

I love this Hymn, there has been many covers of this but really it is the words that matter most. Enjoy.

Musical Monday #17 – Never Let Go (The David Crowder Band)

A helpful reminder that we are in God hands no matter what.

Musical Monday #16 – Revival (The Neverclaim)

This version is slightly different to the version I have but the lyrics are the same. Enjoy it.

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