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Musical Monday #41 – Right Here, Right Now (S.O. )

Some old school rap music for you today. Simple message is will you server God or not. Serve Him right here and right now.


Musical Monday #36 – Marked By Reformation (Preson Phillips)

So I couldn’t find an actually video for the song but I managed to get the audio for it. I have added the lyrics below if you want to read them. Listen and enjoy

Hear these words,
I’m standing here,
to voice my faults, admit my fears.

I’m crying loud,
so You can hear.
Cup Your hand, and bend Your ear.

Savior come,
and set me free.
This heavy load,
remove from me

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Musical Monday #35 – All because of Jesus (Casting Crowns)

Musical Monday’s back again, here we have Casting Crowns singing All because of Jesus.

Advent: 22 December

Another longish Look at the book video by John Piper. As we near Christmas day Piper asks “Why Christmas?”

Advent: 10 December

Have you ever heard of Look at the book by John Piper? I really enjoy this style of teaching. This one is on ‘What child is this” which is very apt for the current season. It is longer than what we would normally post but worth it. Enjoy!

Advent: 6 December

The Skitguys are back asking a helpful question.What do you hope for this Christmas?

Musical Monday #34 -Evermore Lyrics (Hillsong)

If you follow this blog you may have noticed that the regular feature of Musical Monday’s hasn’t been happening this year, But that doesn’t mean that I do not still find a great source of encouragement in songs. Below is one of my top songs, reminding us what we live for. Because He is worthy!

Musical Monday #33 – Be Thou My vision (Chelsea Moon)

This hymn is one of my favorites. I love these lyrics. Listen and enjoy

Musical Monday #25 – As for Me and My House (John Waller)

The title of this song is one of my favorite verses, (Joshua 24:15) .I have it stuck up on our living room wall. I hope this song helps you to ask the question, Who do you serve?

Musical Monday #24 – Come to the Cross (An Epic No Less)

I found this band purely by following a rabbit hole on youtube. This is a really such a great song.

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