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Musical Monday #40 – Somewhere in the middle (Casting Crowns)

We find ourselves in the middle of the year right now this song popped up and reminded me of being in the middle in a spiritual world. How long will we allow ourselves to be caught in the middle?


Musical Monday #39 – Second Chance (Rend Collective)

This musical Monday is from a Irish band called the Rend Collective that I have recently discovered. This song helps me to be thankful for second chances.

Musical Monday #38 – Compassion Hymn (Keith and Kristyn Getty)

Another simple lyric video. The words of this hymn are just powerful. Enjoy.

Musical Monday #37 – You Are Lord (Jeanne Marie) [Lyric Video]

I couldn’t find a video of this song on youtube so I made this lyric video. Read the words, hear the words and enjoy.

Advent: 25 December

Today marks the end of our advent calendar. We hope that as you have read each day you have been blessed by these posts. The king of the universe and Our Lord is worthy of worship.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Musical Monday #32 – It’s Called Christmas with A Capital C (Go Fish)

Happy Holiday’s…No I mean Merry Christmas. Enjoy.

Musical Monday #30 – Echo of Love (An Epic, No Less)

Another song by An Epic, No Less. This one reminds us that we are the instruments God uses in this world. How sharp are you?

Musical Monday #29 – Perfect Storm (JG & Alex Faith ft. Battle Axe)

This song is somewhat out of the normal genre’s that I share but I love the lyrics. Give it a listen.

Musical Monday #28 – Courageous (Casting Crowns)

Everyone loves Casting Crowns. This song is from the movie a few years ago.

Musical Monday #27 – His Daughter (Molly Kate Kestner)

This song is a powerful reminder of how God cares for us.

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