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Damaged goods

This has been published as an Accepted DPchallenge post.

Blergh! Leftovers again. How many of us have realized that we are going to be eating leftovers and pulled a face at it. “What? Last nights supper for lunch, Ahh, no man!” We are a fussy people, what was acceptable at first is not good enough the second time round. Leftovers are gross. Last nights supper as today’s lunch is not appealing. Second hand items are looked down on, we want things brand new. Damaged goods are worth less. We place value to things on how clean and pure they are. Sadly, we allow this to be true even of ourselves. Truth is we are all damaged goods. We are what is leftover from the battles we have faced, the trials we have gone through. The regret we carry and because of this we view ourselves in the same way we view gross left overs and second hand items. Not as valuable as the cleaner and better condition people out there. When I thought of this my mind recalled the lyrics to a song.

These lyrics are from a secular artist by the name of Watsky. He is not a clean rapper. So if you happen to find him on youtube, be warned, there will be language. I lifted these lyrics from a song he has called sloppy seconds. The theme of the song deals with the fact that we all have baggage but that doesn’t make us worth less. Read below;

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