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Just Quote’n – Craig Cabaniss #4

Pleaseing the Lord means turning from evil in private when no one else sees or knows.

-Craig Cabaniss in the book “Worldliness”

Just Quote’n – Craig Cabaniss #3

It’s foolish to think the gospel will spread more powerfully if we hide its transforming effects in our lives.

-Craig Cabaniss in the book “Worldliness”

Just Quote’n – Craig Cabaniss #2

Glorifying God is an intentional pursuit, We don’t accidently drift into holiness, rather, we mature gradually and purposefull, one choise at a time.

-Craig Cabaniss in the book “Worldliness”

Just Quote’n – C.J. Mahaney #2

What should consume our thoughts and affections is not resisting worldliness but the glory and grace of God revealed at the cross. We must take the sin of worldliness seriously, to be sure…But its eradication is not an end in itself. Resisting worldliness is absolutely vital but not ultimately most significant. Jesus Christ is most important. We must fight Worldliness because it dulls our affections for Christ and distracts our attention from Christ. Worldliness is so serious because Christ is so glorious.

-C.J Mahaney in the book “Worldliness”

Just Quote’n – Craig Cabaniss #1

The below highlights the importance of questioning the content of the media we are consuming;

A lifestyle of careless viewing should concern us. At best, careless viewing reveals an ignorance of the media’s power of temptation. It probably indicates a degree of laziness as well – and we can’t afford to be lazy in what our minds absorb. Biblical discernment involves critical thinking, which often leads to costly action. It’s true that we grow in sanctification by God’s grace, but this doesn’t deny that our growth involves work. To mature, we need engaged minds asking Biblical informed questions about the media’s message and methods. Whats more, we need perseverance to travel against the cultural current.

-Craig Cabaniss in the book “Worldliness”

Just Quote’n – C.J. Mahaney

Imagine I take a blind test in which my task is to identify the genuine follower of Jesus Christ. My choices are an unregenerate individual and you. I’m given two reports detailing conversations, Internet activity, manner of dress, iPod playlists, television habits, hobbies, leisure time, financial transactions, thoughts, passions’ and dream..

The question is: Would I be able to tell you apart? Would I discern a difference between you and your unconverted neighbor, coworker, classmate, or friend?

Have the lines between Christian and worldly conduct in your life become so indistinguishable that there really is no difference at all?

-C.J Mahaney in the book “Worldliness”

This verse served as a reminder to me that it is so easy to blend in and compromise when really we have been called to be set apart and should act like it.

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